3D Laser Scanner will be used by Apple iPhone 8 to identify users

This week there was quite a lot of rumors about the new iPhone. Analysts expect the release immediately three models, two of which are the heirs of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is, and a third device with a diagonal display 5, 5.15 or 5.8 inches must be something entirely new. In it are expected to OLED-display, which occupies the entire front side, and wireless charging. Since all of the space on the front panel will be set aside under the screen, many believe that Apple will introduce a fingerprint reader directly into the display. Rod Hall of the investment firm JP Morgan says that the iPhone 8 will be a laser 3D-scanner, which will replace the Touch ID.


According to Rod Hall, the sensor will scan the user’s face to confirm his identity, as it is doing now with the Touch ID fingerprint. As reported, Touch ID 1 in 50,000 triggered erroneously, whereas the laser 3D-scanner will be much more accurate, and will not bring any problems with authorization. Hall, confident that a higher level of security will contribute to the adoption by banks of payment system Apple Pay.

Also, analysts believe that Laser-3D scanner is used for augmented reality. He believes that Apple will open up access to the tools of the technology to third-party developers, which would entail the emergence of a huge number of applications and services using augmented reality.

Rod Hall suggested that Apple could introduce a new iPhone is already at WWDC 2017, which will be held from 5 to 9 June.



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