Add value to your handsets by unlocking them from CANADAGSM

Why unlock your phone?
An unlocked mobile phone brings you much greater benefits: 

Switch to a better network service: What will you do if you find out that the phone you brought the other day is locked? Although, you love the handset but do not like the network service because it is costly, will you buy a new phone just to switch to a better network? Well, there is certainly a better solution and that is unlocking your phone. Doing so will let you switch to as many networks as you want while keeping the same handset.

Opportunity to avail promotional deals: Nowadays, many network providers offer free SIMs for promotional purposes. These SIMs bring quite exciting packages. You would not be able to grab these deals if you have a locked phone.

Adds value to your handset: Unlocked phones bring more value to users and this is why they can be sold at better rates on websites like ebay.

More independence: Love travelling yet worried about phone costs? Unlock your phone today to cut down the roaming charges. An unlock phone gives you the freedom to use foreign SIMs while you are abroad, thus cuts down many extra charges.

By binding you to a network these companies ensure that they will have you as a customer for at least a few years’ time. During this contract period, these companies would be able to cover up the cost of discounted price, by preventing you from using the phone with another carrier. You cannot switch to another service without paying the contract cancellation fee, hence this way the companies minimize their risk.

It’s perfectly legal to unlock your phone
Many believe that unlocking phone is illegal, however it’s not. This misconception arises because unlocking and unblocking are often mixed up, whereas they are two different concepts.

Unlocking phone: Unlocking phone means making it work with any SIM card and is absolutely legal.
Unblocking phone: It is an act of making the phone work again once it has been blocked by network providers. Unblocking may be illegal, so should be avoided.

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