AMD and Nitero create a virtual reality without wires

AMD’s press service reported on the acquisition Nitero company’s intellectual property, key engineers which now will be transferred to US corporations. Nitero became known for the first of its kind technology development transfer large amounts of data using a millimeter wave. The potential development of this technology could lead to the disappearance of the wires in the helmets of virtual and augmented reality. Nitero patents will be included in the intellectual property portfolio of AMD and eventually offer the creators of VR-making devices and new technology to create a deeper digital experiences.

“Feel free movement helmets cables remain a significant obstacle to the widespread VR implementation, – said Mark Peypermeyster, CTO and senior AMD vice president -. Recently, we have acquired the technology of wireless virtual reality just is aimed at solving this problem, and is another example of AMD long-term investments in the computing and graphics technologies to create a more immersive computer effects. “

Chip companies Nitero uses phase transmission millimeter-wave wireless VR and AR systems. By transmitting data at a frequency of 60 Hz, the art was achieved shipment multi-gigabit data sets with low latency within a room. Formation of directional beam signal solves the problem of line of sight typical of traditional systems with millimeter waves. A data transmission technique on ultralow frequency potential to deliver market virtual reality by wires.

“Our team of world-class engineers to deal with complex issues of creating wireless technologies of virtual reality, which could be built into a new generation of helmets, – said one of the founders and CEO Nitero, Pat Kelly, who joined the AMD team, as a corporate vice president, wireless technology -. And we are very pleased to be able to play their part in the incarnation of the long-term technology strategy for AMD. “


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