Apple banned the use of pear as a logo for Pear Technologies

Apple is known for fairly aggressive protection of its patents, including patents for design. Today it became known that the European Commission on Intellectual Property Rights (European Union Intellectual Property Office) recognized that virtually any fruit, if the silhouette is used as a logo, leading to confusion with the Apple logo, and therefore can not be used . Litigation that led to this quite absurd decision was in 2014 between the company from Cupertino and Pear Technologies, which produces software and services for digital mapping. The claim on the part of Apple has been that the companies are working in the same field of activity and Pear Technologies logo confusingly similar to the logo as a bitten apple. Can you estimate how:

Moreover, the company Pear Technologies your logo has changed:

But the decision proved euro bureaucrats unchanged so that you can fit almost any logo under it, which is the silhouette of any fruit. Since officials do not bother even the presence in their own prison sentences, which exclude similarity of logos. The final verdict accuses Pear Technologies that their logo will cause a well-known brand, because in general it is similar, although graphically it different images in the buyer’s mind. Because if you want, you can accept that lemon is also an association with apples, then the Apple opens wide enough field to search for other logos in violation of their intellectual property rights.


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