Apple is preparing a touch screen smart column

Amazon company plans to soon introduce smart column, equipped with a touch screen. Thanks to the efforts of well-known insider Evan Blass, now you can get a clear idea of how it will look like the next generation of Amazon Echo. Meanwhile, it became clear that a major player like Apple is not going to keep up with the Amazon a single step. During the interview, Filipp Shiller, vice president of worldwide marketing, hinted that soon the company will introduce a touch screen own column.

Reporters asked Schiller what he thinks about the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Vice President made it clear that much enthusiasm he did not share about these two products:

My mom used to say that if you can not say good, it is better not to say anything.

Schiller later shared his thoughts about the ease of use of “smart” column, equipped with a touch screen, and the practicality of such supplements in general:

There are many times when a voice assistant can be really helpful, but it does not mean that the screen you’ll never need. So his absence – a big disadvantage. For example, if I search for routes and using the Card, the Siri can tell me about them, but it would be more convenient if I saw this map, could see the twists and turns, to find out where a traffic jam. So I better understand your route and how to follow it.

Most likely, Apple will introduce a smart column already in the framework of the WWDC 2017 next month.


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