Apple Watch received emulator GameBoy handheld consoles

On GitHub service appearedĀ emulator handheld Game Boy consoles to smart watches Apple Watch. It allows you to run the game Pokemon Yellow.

The basis of the developer took Apple Watch Series 2. On the small screen fit function keys that mimic Game Boy physical buttons. The direction of movement is defined by gestures to the left, right, up or down. The panel below the screen with the game consists of the Start button, Select and key B. Clicking on the button A is through touch the right side of the device.

Apple Watch produced in 2015, the model is available in two sizes – with screens of 38 or 42 mm. The company offers watches with different housings: aluminum, stainless steel, ceramics and gold.

Prefix Game Boy appeared in 1989. The model with a color screen debut in 1998 under the name Game Boy Color.


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