Assistant Alexa can be activated through a wearable accessories

Qualcomm Technologies today announced that Qualcomm eXtension program members will be able to implement in portable devices supporting voice activated assistant Alexa keyword. This feature will be available on the chips Qualcomm Bluetooth Audio CSR8670 and CSR8675. Manufacturers will be able to license the software from Sensory and Rubidium, who developed integration tools keyword to Alexa in the Bluetooth-enabled device. These include headphones, speakers, fitness accessories, etc. From now on, the user can call the keyword, and immediately after that a voice request will be processed and forwarded wearable accessory for a smartphone with a preinstalled voice assistant application.


Users can ask questions about the weather, news, transport, music strimingovyh services. Issuance of information takes place on the basis of open sources on the Internet. In addition, manufacturers have the opportunity to implement a voice recognition function and key words, even when the music plays. The introduction of a trigger command to the new and existing devices can help spread commercial devices with voice assistant.

“Support for a special word to activate Alexa under the Qualcomm eXtension program will reduce the integration time and the development of handheld device manufacturers, as well as to reduce the final cost compared to competitors. Our program is designed to help participants integrate these voice services and functions thanks to Bluetooth Audio Platform . Thus we are able to meet the existing demand for audio products with Alexa “, – said Anthony Murray, senior vice president and general manager of voice and Qualcomm technologies International music technology.

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