AT & T Samsung i337 Galaxy S4 Código Desbloqueo de BRASIL, ARGENTINA, JAMAICA

SAMSUNG i337 GALAXY S4 LTE Overview :
Samsung prides itself in the differentiation the AMOLED screen technology brings to its high-ends, and it has indeed achieved the unthinkable with the Galaxy S 4 this time around – a five-inch panel with the amazing for OLED screen 441ppi pixel density. Not only that, but it debuts the first octo-core Exynos 5 Octa processor in the international version, as well as a temperature and depth sensor for the first time. With features like Floating Touch and hand gestures you can control the phone without even touching the display, while the S Health and S Translator integration add to the unique aura around the S 4 as a truly human companion.

SAMSUNG i337 GALAXY S4 LTE Sim Unlocking :
Unlock AT&T SAMSUNG i337 GALAXY S4 LTE to use any where in the world with any supported service provider like

Optus Australia Brasil, Straight talk, FamilyMobile, Vodafone, Personal, Claro, O2, Digicel, Telcel, Orange, Telenor, Optus, Tele2, MTN Rogers, Fido, Chatr, Bell, Virgin, Sasktel, MTS, PC telecom, Tbaytel, Telus, Koodo

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SAMSUNG i337 GALAXY S4 LTE Unlocking instructions:
1: Turn on phone with Not Accepted SIM card.
2: A menu will pop up to Insert the code.
3: Insert the provided code and press OK
4: Device is now unlocked.

———- Trouble Shooting ———-
1. Make sure that the phone PROMPTS for the code with a NON accepted sim card and that your IMEI is correct by dialing *#06#
2. Go to the Dial pad and dial *#0011#
3. Please click your MENU button (Bottom LEFT button) and click BACK on the menu that appears, Nothing will happen do not worry please move to the next step
4. Please click your MENU button AGAIN and this time click KEY INPUT
6. When the Key input box appears please input the number “1” and hit OK
7. You will see a number 1 for a while, please wait until it changes into the SERVICE MENU
8. Please click [1] UMTS > [1] DEBUGGING SCREEN > [6] Phone Control > [6] Network LOCK
9. You will see 3 OPTIONS within Network LOCK
10. Please click on number [1] Perso Sha256 INFO, the screen will change slightly
11. Please hit the MENU button then when the menu pops up please carefully hit BACK to return to the previous screen
12. Next Please click on number [2] Perso Sha256 ON, the screen will change again to a one line message
13. Restart the phone on the screen by holding the power button and click RESTART
14. When the phone prompts for the unlock code simply enter the unlock code provided to you

15. Your phone is now permanently unlocked!

How to Factory reset/ Hard Reset SAMSUNG i337 GALAXY S4 LTE:
How to Reset SAMSUNG i337 GALAXY S4 LTE pattern lock:

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

First Method:

  1. Power off your phone.

  2. Press and hold together Power button + Home button + Volume Up button, until the logo Samsung disappears.

  3. Next select, using Volume buttons, option “Wipe Data/Factory Reset”, and confirm with Power button.

  4. Then confirm operation using Power Button.

  5. Now choose the option “Reboot System Now”

  6. Success!

How to Update SAMSUNG i337 GALAXY S4 LTE to latest Firmware:

  1. Connect your device to your computer using the USB cable. …
  2. Open Kies. …
  3. Click Firmware upgrade to start the upgrade process.
  4. A pop-up message may also display when you connect your device to Kies. …
  5. You will be taken through the backup process to preserve all of your data.

How to Root SAMSUNG i337 GALAXY S4 LTE:

You will lose all your data and it is possible that you may brick your device
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

[h=Before Getting Started:]3[/h]

  • Check twice your device’s model, this tutorial is only applicable for the Samsung Galaxy S4 AT&T, Model number SGH-I337. Do not try it on the other model.
  • Take a proper backup of your Galaxy S4 such as SMS, MMS, Contacts and Media Storage etc.
  • Enable USB Debugging by navigating to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging
  • Download & Install Samsung Galaxy S4 Drivers
  • Make sure that your device’s battery is charged at least about 80% to avoid shut downs.

[h=Downloads Required Files:]3[/h]

  1. Download SuperSU
  2. Download Odin v3.10.0
  3. Download Towel Root APK
  4. Download I337_NC1_Stock_Kernel
  5. Download I337_NJ4_Stock_Kernel

Step No 1:-
First of all, get the I337UCUFNJ4 Firmware update on your Samsung Galaxy S4 manually or via OTA.

Step No 2:-
Extract the Odin Flashing Tool on the desktop of your PC that you have already downloaded from the above link.

Step No 3:-
Now run Odin Tool as an Administrator on your PC.

Step No 4:-
Put your AT&T Galaxy 4 into the Download Mode, to do this Turn Off your Galaxy S4 first and then press and hold Home + Power + Volume Down keys altogether.

Step No 5:-
While your Galaxy S4 is in Download Mode, plug it to the PC through USB cable. Once your device properly connected to the PC, the ID:COM section will turn yellow / blue.

Step No 6:-
Now click on “AP” / “PDA” tab in the Odin and locate the firmware I337_NC1_Stock_Kernel file.

Step No 7:-
Click on “Start” button to start the flashing process to update your device. Your device will be rebooted, once the firmware is updated.

Step No 8:-
Your device is now updated with the I337_NC1_Stock_Kernel firmwares. Next, star the rooting process of your Galaxy S4.

Step No 9:-
Copy the TowelRoot App into the internal/external memory of your device. Now reboot the device and run Towelroot app on it.

Step No 10:-
Launch the towel root app on your Samsung Galaxy S4 and press the button Make it Rain” to root your device.

Step No 11:-
It will root your phone now its the time to flash the I337_NJ4_Stock_Kernel via Odin flashing tool to get back to the stock NJ4 kernel.

Step No 12:-
Finally, again reboot the Galaxy S4 and download the SuperSU app from the above link, SuperSu App enables you to manage root permissions on your device.

Note: Extreme lag may appear on your device making it unable to install Towel root after flashing the NJ4 firmware. Just give a reboot to your Galaxy S4 AT&T once and try again. Now everything will be set.

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