Samsung I7500 Galaxy Android hard reset / How to Reset Samsung I7500 Galaxy Password

Samsung I7500 Galaxy Android hard reset

Press and hold Volume DOWN + CALL + END CALL buttons, then choose wipe data / factory reset press MENU button.


Settings > SD card & phone storage Factory data reset: Reset the device to delete all your data and restore your settings to the factory default.

Use this method to hard reset your Samsung I7500 Galaxy Android phone: Enter *2767*3855#. Warning! All your data including contacts, messages etc. will be lost! Copy all your necessary data/Contacts/Messages etc. to SIM or make backup to your PC before full reset! Take out SIM card before full reset.

Try firmware update using Samsung New PC Studio tool.

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How to hard reset Samsung I6500U Galaxy Android / Samsung I6500U Galaxy Android hard reset

Samsung I6500U Galaxy Android hard reset


Solved: How to reset Samsung I6500U Galaxy Android hard reset

Use this method to hard reset your Samsung I6500U Galaxy Android phone: Enter *2767*3855#. Warning! All your data including contacts, messages etc. will be lost! Copy all your necessary data/Contacts/Messages etc. to SIM or make backup to your PC before full reset! Take out SIM card before full reset.


If you know the hard reset with buttons / keys, pls leave a comment. All comments are welcome! ūüôā


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Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo Android hard reset / How To Hard Reset Password Lock Of Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo

Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo Android hard reset

With the phone turned off, press and hold


1- Turn the phone off.
2- Hold volume UP and down and menu(central button) while turning on the phone.
3- In Android system recovery select “Wipe data/factory reset”.
4- reboot your system.


Use this method to hard reset your Samsung I5801 Galaxy Apollo Android phone: Enter *2767*3855#. Warning! All your data including contacts, messages etc. will be lost! Copy all your necessary data/Contacts/Messages etc. to SIM or make backup to your PC before full reset! Take out SIM card before full reset.


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Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 Android hard reset / How To Hard Reset Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 Android with buttons

Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 Android hard reset / Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 hard reset with buttons

Press MIDDLE of the VOLUME + MENU(middle key) + POWER ON for 1-2 sec. Release Power. Recovery menu appears.
Select Wipe Data/ Factory reset with volume down, then press MENU, then select Yes – delete all user… press MENU or POWER button to hard reset i5800 Galaxy 3 battery must be fully 100% charged.

DOWNLOADING√ā¬† = Volume down + MENU + POWER. Release POWER after 1-2 sec



Use this method to hard reset your Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 Android phone: Enter *2767*3855#. Warning! All your data including contacts, messages etc. will be lost! Copy all your necessary data/Contacts/Messages etc. to SIM or make backup to your PC before full reset! Take out SIM card before full reset.


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How to Start a Conference Call on Sony Xperia U

With¬†conference call¬†you can talk to¬†two or more¬†parties simultaneously right thru your¬†phone. Adding multiple participants even if your on a call is just few taps away withSony Xperia U. Here’s¬†how to create¬†a¬†conference call.

Sony Xperia U ST25a/ST25iFido Canada Sony Xperia U ST25a Instructions Déverrouillage

Fido Canada Sony Xperia U ST25a Instrucciones Liberar

1. If you’re on an ongoing call, tap Menu.

2. Then dial the number of the second participant and tap Call.

3. When the second participant answers the call, the first call is put on hold.

4. Tap onto start the conference call. Repeat the same steps to add more participants tothe conference call.

To have a private conversation with one of the participants

1. Tap the button showing the number of participants during the ongoing conference call.

2. Then tap on the name of the participant you wish to talk privately.

3. To end the conversation and return to the conference call, tap

To release a participant during the ongoing conference call

1. Tap the button showing the number of participants during the ongoing conference call.


2. Then tap END Call next to the participant you want to release from the call.

To end the conference call

1. During the conference call, just tap End Conference Call.

Telus / Koodo Nokia Lumia 620 Tips and Tricks

It is very important if you know some tips on your device like Nokia Lumia 620. It will help you learn more about your device to make your life much easier in using it. Improving your productivity and fulfilling what you expected on your  Nokia Lumia 620.

Here are some How To’s for your¬†¬†Nokia Lumia 620. These How To’s are still not yet complete and I am still working on the others:

Telus / Koodo Canada  Nokia Lumia 620 Instructions Déverrouillage

Telus / Koodo Canada Nokia Lumia 620 Instrucciones Liberar

Nokia Lumia 620
How to Hard Reset Nokia Lumia 620

There are two ways on how to reset your Nokia Lumia 620, it can be through the hard reset or soft reset. When you say hard reset it involves on the hardware part, so you need to remove the battery of you Nokia Lumia and reinsert it. Then turn on your device normally. This should refresh the content of your device but will not remove any data.

Software reset will return your device to its default settings. Like a brand new phone, no information or data saved on your device. This procedure will erase all your data save on your phone.

If your Nokia Lumia is frozen, it is recommended to perform the Hard Reset.

You can soft reset your Nokia Lumia in two ways. By accessing it through settings or doing the hard key combination.

Resetting through the settings:

Go to Settings > About > reset your phone.

Hard Key Combination:

Use this option if your device is locked and you don’t know the code.

Note: Make sure that your Nokia Lumia is turned off.

Step 1. Press and hold the power key until it vibrates then release.

Step 2. Press and hold the down key volume. If the exclamation mark will be shown on the screen, you can now release the button.

Step 3. You need to input these key combination:

Volume Up > Volume Down > Power > Volume Down.

Your phone will reset and will boot up automatically. This might take a several minutes.


How to Import Contacts From Old Phone to New Phone (on iPhone, Samsung, HTC and Nokia)

Contacts is very important for everyone of us. We can’t connect to our friends without a contact number. If you have a new phone, saving contacts on the phone one by one is so hassle. But now, there’s an easy way how to transfer or import your contacts from your old phone to your new phone.

Use your PC to transfer contacts to your new phone. This process is applicable in several phone brands, including iPhone, Samsung, HTC and Nokia.

You just need an Internet Connection on your PC, your old and new phone and their own USB cable.

Then you need to install the PC Companion program. This is a free application and the installation files are already saved on your new phone. This program can also be used in updating your phone software.
Please note that if you are using the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system on your PC, make sure that the AutoPlay setting is enabled.
To check your settings:
Click Start¬†>¬†Control Panel, then type “autoplay” on the search box. Click the¬†AutoPlay, and mark the check box Use AutoPlay for all media and devices.

Installing the PC Companion:

  • Turn on your new Phone and connect it to your PC.
  • On your new Phone, tap “Install” to install PC Companion on the PC.
  • On your computer, if a pop-up window that appears notifies you about available¬†PC Software, select¬†Run Startme.exe.
  • Then click Install to start the installation and then follow the instructions to complete the installation.

If you are not prompted with a pop-up window to install the PC Companion, you can also download the PC Companion here.

Transferring your contacts to your new phone:
  • Make sure that PC Companion is installed on your PC.
  • Open the PC Companion¬†application¬†on your PC.
  • Then click¬†Contacts Setup¬†and follow the instructions to transfer your contacts.

How to Extend Battery Life of Nokia Lumia 620

Battery Life depends on how you use your device. For Nokia Lumia 620 device, if you want to save your battery to last longer hours, you may need to adjust your settings. Follow these suggestions:

‚ÄĘ Turn on the power-saving option on the device. Then lessen the screen brightness and the screen lock timeout. On the Home Screen, swipe left, then tap on the¬†Gear Icon or Settings > Battery saver.

– Be reminded that when your phone goes into battery saver mode, you may not be able to change the settings of all apps.
РIf you want to change the settings of the Battery saver, tap on Advanced.

‚ÄĘ Turn down your device volume with the volume keys.

‚ÄĘ Close any apps or features when you are done using it so they will not continuously running in the background.

‚ÄĘ Turn off the network connection if you are out of range so that your device will stop searching for a network signal.

‚ÄĘ You should use the¬†latest version¬†of the¬†software¬†update.¬†Software¬†updates improves some features and fixes some bugs on the previous¬†software¬†version.

‚ÄĘ Turn off the camera flash.

‚Äʬ†The camera viewfinder can be a power drain, so after you’ve finished taking photos, press the¬†left arrow key.

How to Take a Screenshot on Nokia Lumia 620

Did you just created a nice piece of art on your new Nokia Lumia 620 phone? Or perhaps you’ve just¬†personalized¬†your screen and want others to know how you’ve come up with it.Well, take a screenshot and brag it to your friends. Here’s how you can capture a screenshot of your Nokia device.

1. Press on the Power key on the right side of the phone and the Start key simultaneously for a few seconds.
2. To see the screenshot, tap on Photos, the Albums and select Screenshots.
3. Tap and hold the screenshot you wish to send and then tap on share on the options.
There you have it. You’ve just captured a screenshot.

[Review] Telus / Koodo Nokia Lumia 620

At this point it should be clear that the future of Nokia rides on the success of the Windows Phone 8 platform. The Fins need the second major WP release to work as the Lumia lineup is Nokia’s only shot at staying afloat in the long run. Samsung and Apple’s onslaught is strong – almost brutal when looking at Samsung’s numbers in the Android camp – and a previous go-to manufacturer like Nokia can only have one thing in mind: revenge.

Nokia Lumia 620

Telus / Koodo Nokia Lumia 620 Instructions Déverrouillage

Telus / Koodo Nokia Lumia 620 Instrucciones Liberar

Nokia is the first manufacturer to go all in with Windows Phone, using its mapping and multimedia strengths to help the platform gain momentum. The last quarterly results were certainly encouraging, but we’ll have to wait another three months to see if that was actually a blip or a hint of things to come.

Nokia will certainly be hoping that the global launch of the Lumia 620 will help it push more WP smartphones in the first three months of the year, despite the weaker seasonal demand, as It makes the platform more affordable than ever.

Besides, the Lumia 620 holds a less vulnerable position in the midrange market, leaving it to worry about only two rivals – the Huawei W1 and the Windows Phone 8S by HTC. Let’s have a look at the colorful Lumia 620’s strengths and weaknesses:

Key features

  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support
  • Quad-band 3G with 21 Mbps HSDPA and 5.7 Mbps HSUPA support
  • 3.8″ 16M-color ClearBlack LCD display with WVGA resolution
  • 5 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash, 720p@30fps video recording
  • VGA front-facing camera
  • Windows Phone 8 OS
  • 1.0 GHz dual-core Krait CPU, Adreno 305 GPU, 512 MB of RAM
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band
  • GPS receiver with A-GPS and GLONASS support
  • 8 GB of inbuilt storage, expandable through the microSD card slot (up to 64 GB)
  • Active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic
  • Built-in accelerometer, gyroscope and proximity sensor
  • Standard 3.5 mm audio jack
  • 1300 mAh user-replaceable battery
  • microUSB port with file transfers
  • Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP and EDR
  • NFC support
  • Full Office Mobile experience
  • Great build quality
  • Free lifetime voice-guided navigation via Nokia Drive
  • Excellent social integration
  • Xbox Live integration and Xbox management
  • Nokia Music streaming service
  • 7 GB worth of SkyDrive storage
  • Attractive price

Main disadvantages

  • WP app catalog falls short of Android and iOS
  • No FM radio
  • No system-wide file manager
  • No lockscreen shortcuts
  • Removing the back panel is testing

The Lumia 620 is priced at ‚ā¨250 off contract so it’s easy on your wallet. It offers Nokia’s full-fledged turn-by-turn navigation Drive app, Nokia Music for offline listening to radio mixes, App Highlights for app recommendations, Cinemagraph, the list goes on. And while there are alternatives in the Marketplace, few are as high quality as Nokia’s, while Drive+ beta is only available in three countries for WP devices different than Nokia’s, meaning the majority of users are on their own in regards to voice navigation.

The Lumia 620 runs on capable hardware as well. The 5 MP camera and microSD card support are a welcome bonus, but it’s the dual-core Krait chip and ClearBlack 3.8″ display that shine the most, while the colorful and almost unibody-like chassis sets it apart in a crowd.

And finally, we come to the OS itself. Windows Phone 8 is behind on the quality app count but it’s quick to catch up and doing a pretty good job of getting developers interested. It’s also a breath of fresh air for all those tired of the iOS and Android way of doing things – swipe-able homescreens, folders, notification areas, etc.

To sum it all up, the Lumia 620 has a nice set of assets to woo newcomers and gather back some of the lost momentum for Nokia – there’s only the users to convince and the HTC Windows Phone 8S and Huawei W1 to beat. We’ll endeavor to see if the Lumia has what it takes – starting with a tour of the hardware.

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[Review] Videotron Canada Sony Xperia T LT30

Back when the driving seat was shared with Ericsson, Sony was a little short of delivering a real winner in the high-end market, the company’s top-range smartphones always a notch below the Galaxy S lineup and their HTC counterparts. Now on their own, Sony cannot shy away from the toughest of battles and the Sony Xperia T is ready to be thrown in the fire.

Videotron Sony Xperia T LT30 Instructions Déverrouillage

Videotron  Sony Xperia T LT30 Instrucciones Liberar

Sony Xperia T LT30

A true flagship, the Sony Xperia T comes properly powered by a Snapdragon S4 chipset, boasting a class-leading 13MP camera and a marvelously sounding 720p display. There’s no quad-core on its resume, but the Xperia T is ready to take on the best Android offerings out there.

Key features

  • Quad-band GSM /GPRS/EDGE support
  • 3G with 42.2 Mbps HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps HSUPA
  • 4.55″ 16M-color capacitive LED-backlit LCD touchscreen of 720p resolution (720 x 1280 pixels) with Sony Mobile BRAVIA engine; Scratch-resistant glass
  • Android OS v4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait CPU, 1 GB RAM, Adreno 225 GPU, Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8260A chipset
  • 13 MP autofocus camera with LED flash and geotagging, Multi Angle shot
  • 1080p video recording @ 30fps with continuous autofocus and stereo sound
  • 1.3 MP front-facing camera, 720p video recording
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n and DLNA
  • 16GB of built-in storage, microSD card slot
  • microUSB port with MHL and USB-host support
  • Stereo Bluetooth v3.1
  • Standard 3.5 mm audio jack
  • Stereo FM radio with RDS
  • Voice dialing
  • Deep Facebook integration
  • PlayStation Certified, access to the PS Store
  • Accelerometer and proximity sensor
  • NFC connectivity

Main disadvantages

  • Display has sub-par viewing angles for a flagship
  • Slightly thicker than main rivals
  • Relatively modest battery
  • JellyBean update not available at launch
  • Poor loudspeaker performance
  • Video recording could be better

The Sony Xperia T hasn’t got the raw muscle of some of its rivals, but there’s enough to get you interested. And once you go and give it a try, the design and handling will hardly let you down. In a smartphone market as crowded as today’s, handsets with this much character are hard to come by. Now, a grateful nod is well in order to old allies and the Xperia Arc.

Setting record benchmark scores is one thing, but having an excellent chipset in a body that’s great to look at is to many a more than even tradeoff. The Sony Xperia T should not be afraid of facing its rivals in a raw processing power battle, though it’s the beauty contests it enjoys the most.

And then there’s the software enhancements, to which Sony paid more than enough attention. The Android ICS on the Xperia T comes with a great-looking UI, which Sony claims is also one of the most functional around.


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[Review] Videotron Canada HTC Windows Phone 8S

The HTC 8S — also known as the Windows Phone 8S by HTC — is a fun and funky looking handset that feels speedy to use despite its modest processor and has a good all-round line up of features for its price. If you’re looking for an affordable route into Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS, it’s a good option.

Videotron HTC Windows Phone 8S Instructions Déverrouillage

Videotron HTC Windows Phone 8S Instrucciones Liberar

HTC Windows Phone 8S


  • Refreshingly different design
  • Slick and modern Windows Phone 8 OS
  • Dual-core processor
  • MicroSD card


  • Lacks Nokia’s extra apps
  • Screen and camera are nothing special

The HTC 8S, or Windows Phone 8S by HTC to give it its ridiculous full title, sits several steps down from HTC’s flagship¬†8X¬†Windows Phone. Whereas the 8X goes head to head with¬†Nokia’s Lumia 920, the 8S doesn’t really match up with¬†Nokia’s 820, as it’s a fair bit cheaper.

It slots into a space between low-end and mid-range smart phones. It’s certainly the most affordable route in if you want to taste Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating.


HTC has equipped the 8S with a 1GHz dual-core Qualcomm S4 processor, and provides just 512MB of RAM. Now, performance is perfectly acceptable, but I did notice that things were not quite as slick as they are with the very best equipped Windows Phones. I didn’t experience juddering video or long waits for anything to happen, but there’s a definite lack of slickness to proceedings.

The screen is another area where things are acceptable rather than superb. At 4in the screen is just about large enough for watching video, and the Super LCD is bright and clear.


If you’re thinking of making the move to Windows Phone 8, then the 8S is certainly an affordable and stylish route into Microsoft’s OS. It feels very smooth to use and looks quite different to most other smart phones on the market.

The lack of NFC and a front facing camera may bother some, but it does have the advantage of a microSD card, which the Nokia 920 and HTC 8X lack, and overall I think it’s a good all round package for the money.

[Review] Wind LG Optimus L9 p769

Samsung T159

The good: The Samsung t159 has terrific call quality, large buttons, visual voice mail, and an affordable price.

The bad:¬†Samsung’s t159 has a small display and weak resolution; it lacks a dedicated headset jack.

The bottom line: An example of excellent call quality at a dirt-cheap price, the Samsung t159 excels at the basics, but stumbles on style.

Wind Samsung T159  Instructions Déverrouillage

Wind Samsung T159 Instrucciones Liberar

Simple flip phones like T-Mobile’s Samsung t159 remain relevant for one primary purpose: placing and taking calls. Lacking the pomp of smartphones packed to the gills, they had better at least get call quality right. Thankfully, Samsung’s $20, stripped-down t159 passes the audio test with flying colors.

Design and OS
There are flip phones with more sheen and style than the Samsung t159; in fact, almost all of them offer some graceful line or polished accent. Not so in the case of this stock phone. Its all-black form looks boring and cheap, the only interesting part is a fine-grain diamond pattern on the back panel. At least the finishes fit the $19.99 price tag. On the plus side, the t159’s slim dimensions — 3.8 inches tall by 1.9 inches wide by 0.6 inch thick — fit it easily into pockets. At 2.9 ounces, it’s also pretty light; a hair too light for my tastes.

A standard clamshell design puts a 1-inch external display out front for checking the time, and for viewing signal strength and alerts, like awaiting messages or missed calls, at a glance. Above the screen is a 1.3-megapixel camera lens with camcorder capability. Inside, the 1.8-inch screen is too small; it could easily stretch to 2 inches. Flipping open the phone instills confidence in the thick joint. The rubber stopper protecting the top of the phone isn’t attractive, but it is effective.

Beneath the screen is a large navigation array that includes two soft keys, a Send and End/Power button, and a Clear button, all surrounding the four-directional toggle with central OK button.


The phone’s volume rocker is on the left spine, and on the right you’ll find the camera shutter button and the shared Micro-USB slot and headset jack. That means that you’ll unfortunately need an adapter if you’re planning to listen to music or messages from the t159 through a wired headset. There’s no microSD card slot on the t159, which isn’t necessarily a drawback for this type of entry-level device. Extra storage is always nice to have, but since the hardware design doesn’t place a premium on photos or music, it’s understandable why expandable memory didn’t make the cut.

A proprietary operating system runs the t159 and unfortunately, its oversimplicity isn’t easy on the eye. I know, I know, that sounds counterintuitive, but the default menu screen is plain white and the icons are a little simplistic. The 128×160-pixel QVGA resolution is poor, and it shows in larger lettering and in the icons. You can customize elements like the wallpaper, dialing display, and brightness and backlight times, but you can’t change other graphical elements, or the font size.


Placing and receiving calls is the phone’s principle function, and despite the unpolished interface, the address book gives you the space you need to store contact information, including multiple phone numbers, an e-mail address, a birthdate, a note, and even extra fields. You can also add a group ID, set a photo ID, and select from one of 18 ringtones. In addition, you can set the phone to silent mode, with vibration only.

Sometimes you just need a good, solid device for making calls, and the Samsung t159 is it. The humble flip phone doesn’t offer much in the way of style, but it gets the calling basics right, and for the right price. (It also makes you wonder why every phone doesn’t sound this good.) Although extra features like T-Mobile’s visual voice mail and voice commands give the phone more verve, Samsung stopped short of some other helpful mainstays, like a separate headset jack, a larger, higher-resolution screen, and a more nuanced OS menu.


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