Buy LG G6 for 30 thousand. Rubles in Russia is quite real

Lessons from the failure of the LG G5 did not only global office is the LG, who has made very attractive the G6, but also Russia, which offers our users to cut down on the price of LG G5 se flagship. This year, LG G6 for Russia is in the best configuration – with 64 GB of internal memory and with advanced Hi-Fi-filling. In Europe, where LG is usually advantageous to get it delivered without a DAC, and with only 32 GB of memory – sucks. That is, if they buy the G6, in Russia. With the guarantee, twists and without risk.


The suggested retail price of LG G6 is 51 990 rubles – it’s expensive. But what if your phone much, but give him a sum equivalent to the flagship Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone does not want to? Of course, be smart! First, the end of May each buyer LG G6 (the heap of regional networks) gets free smartwatch LG Watch Style, which are sold separately in 16 990 rubles, and which, if desired, can be sold for about 10 thousand. Rubles. Secondly, where a lot of action going. For example, recently M.Video’s return to the bonus card as much as 10% of the price of any phone (5200 rubles), not including the usual 1,700 rubles bonus for purchasing. A CSN now provides for Smartphone 5000 + 1550 rubles bonuses. Third, there are many shops in the cashback service . Fourth, LG G6 is offered with no down payment installments and over payments (extinguish prematurely and save a few thousand, but can not pay and then give two years of 2 thousand small monthly). Fifth, from the LG store you can free grab bag Quick Cover worth 2990 rubles (you need to specify two IMEI – from your new G6 and old G3, G4 or G5 Reputation: (ask around friends)).

A little math. I took LG G6 in CSN. Of the 52 thousand. Rubles 6550 rubles subtract bonuses ~ 4000 rubles for early repayment installments and subtract the probable price of watches that I intend to gain from the sale after the review. Total G6 with all these manipulations can get me somewhere in the 30-34 thousand. Rubles (depending on how lucky the sale hours). And it will agree, is much nicer to 52 thousand. Rubles. So do not rush scared RRP, to study the proposal and considered it possible to benefit


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