CANADAGSM also offers unlocking IMEI’s in bulk quantity with VIP rates

  • CANADAGSM┬áis the first server to offer global statistics about all user activity : before requesting an unlock code for any phone, you can check our statistics to see the average availability rate for this tool & phone !
  • If you are a Webmaster or eBay Seller and making a large volume and don’t want to make one by one IMEI entries CANADAGSM offers the possibility to enter IMEI in Bulk for each tool, saving you precious time from the boring multiple cut and paste !
  • You’re running a Franchise Store, or simply want to make sure each of your workers has his own CANADAGSM access to better manage the work of each seller ? You can make sub-accounts of any master account and transfer your credits to your workers for a better management !
  • CANADAGSM will send you an email alert everytime you receive an unlock code
  • Our price policy is clear: if you find cheaper, just contact us to negotiate VIP rates and help us beat competition and make our customers happy.


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