Microsoft will not display the Surface Book 2 this spring

Some time ago we reported that the company Microsoft has launched a laptop Surface Book of the new generation. This meant that the official presentation of the Surface Book 2 will take place in late March or April. Now, however, from other sources, it became known that Microsoft , at the spring event will not display your new laptop. The model has not been abolished, but for some reason, her debut was postponed. Moreover, the company still has not started sending invitations to the presentation, which indicates that it will be later than planned. The question remains, what Microsoft will show (the event is not canceled, the presentation of new products will take place in the spring). Among the possible options for a tablet called Surface Pro 5 or committed new devices that have expanded the range of gadgets brand Surface. A possible option is to candy bars and updating Surface. We only know that the company completely abandoned the second generation Hololens, and pass to the third generation will stretch right up to 2019. So it is possible that the only thing that Microsoft will demonstrate at the spring event will be Windows 10 Creators Update.

Floveme sells smart watches and AliExpress birthday accessories

In April of this year, the world’s largest online trading platform AliExpress turns 7 years old. In honor of this event, Floveme announced a large-scale sale of interesting gadgets and accessories for smartphones. For example, a smart Floveme watch with a large 1.54-inch color screen and the ability to make calls without a smartphone on sale will cost less than 2,500 rubles.

Smart watches from Floveme are made in a rectangular metal case with a large 1.54-inch touch screen. The heart of the watch was the energy-efficient MediaTek MT6260A processor. To expand the built-in memory, there is a slot for a microSD card. Also, they have a slot for SIM-cards, so they can work offline without connecting to the smartphone. You can use the clock to make calls, listen to music, track physical activity and sleep phases.

In the sale is also involved car holder for smartphones. Most similar accessories use mechanical clips for attaching the phone, which is not always convenient. Floveme made a more convenient solution by applying a magnetic fastener. The holder is fixed in the ventilation grate and does not take up much space. On the back of the smartphone is attached a small magnet, which allows you to securely fix it on the holder in a horizontal or vertical position.

If you need a quality cable to charge your smartphone and synchronize with your computer, then Floveme offers such an accessory. It is made in a special braid to increase wear resistance and is protected from kinks. It uses special power controllers, allowing you to increase the charging speed by 30%. The FLOVEME charging cable is available in several colors and options for different types of connectors, including microUSB, USB Type-C and Lightning.


Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and Movado announced a smart watch on Android Wear 2.0

This week in the Swiss city of Basel started the annual exhibition of watches Baselworld 2017. The main trend of this event was “smart” handheld device. Thus, the company Fossil Group has made a resounding statement : this year it intends to release 300 models of smart watches under 14 different brands. Announce their new products have also decided the company Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger and Movado. All three brands introduced smart watches running Android Wear 2.0 We do the new operating system.

Watches from Movado are called Connect. They have a unique design and is unlike to any existing model. Of the features new items only know only that it will support the function of constitutively active screen. The sale Movado Connect will arrive this fall for $ 495.

Smart watches from Hugo Boss are called Touch and appearance are not much different from other models. In addition, they will support NFC to make purchases using Android Pay. Hours will be in August for $ 395.

Tommy Hilfiger model from the company in the first place stands the name – TH24 / 7You. It is known that the clock will run based on Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and will have NFC module. The accessories sales will go for $ 299 before the end of the year.


EZVIZ introduced in the Russian market a fully functional system of “smart home”

Company EZVIZ introduced to the Russian market a centralized solution “smart house” with the possibility of scaling, as well as a set of peripherals for him.

The main unit of “smart home” system represented by a full-featured wireless EZVIZ A1 control center, the connection to which you are on Wi-Fi network. EZVIZ A1, with the words producer, is easy to configure, does not require any technical expertise or professional assistance, and the whole procedure is reduced to connection and pairing food with Wi-Fi router. EZVIZ A1 supports up to 32 sensors, which are connected via radio and require no wiring. To monitor the location and condition monitoring sensors developers provided a mobile application with an intuitive interface.

Wireless opening / closing sensor EZVIZ T6 allows you to control the position of the door in the room, immediately notifying the user of any activity. Built-in battery sensor provides up to 5 months of continuous work. The possibility of organizing a system of behavior scenarios “sensor – siren” or “sensor – Surveillance Camera – notification”.

EZVIZ T1C sensor detects movement within the room. The horizontal viewing angle of 100º it covers an area of ​​12 x 12 meters, with the algorithm of operation of the device is configured to actuate when moving objects weighing more than 25 kg, so that pets will not cause a false alarm. As the sensor T6, in T1C it provides the ability to customize the interaction with a siren or surveillance camera. Battery life of the motion sensor by one set of batteries is about two years.

To control the state of sanitary units, bathrooms, showers and kitchens in the control system “smart home» EZVIZ provided a water leakage sensor T10. The wireless connection allows the device to place it even in tight spaces, and high energy efficiency (up to 2 years of battery life) does not require frequent battery replacement. In addition to sending notifications for a smart phone, a switching point, water leakage sensor can also activate the surveillance camera or the siren.

Notify me of any unauthorized access to the premises or other situations requiring attention can siren EZVIZ T9. She receives a command to activate over the air and has a high signal volume – 85 dBA.

To control the “smart home» EZVIZ provided universal remote control EZVIZ K2. The device allows you to use the touch of a button to activate the desired scenario of the whole system and operation algorithms of the individual sensors (available from “sleep” mode, the “home”, “away from home” mode and mode). In the event of an emergency in the remote alarm button K2 is provided.

Cost and availability of elements of the “smart house” in the Russian market EZVIZ company promises to announce in the near future.


More 300+ wearable models Fossil has introduced

The exhibition at the Basel watch company Fossil shocked the world declaration on the issue right away to more than three hundred (in words, to avoid the impression that a typo) wearable models. In addition to the brand Fossil of the corporation include Skagen and Misfit , and they are going to “reinvent the clock” showing throughout 2017 hundreds of gadgets that can be called a smart watch. Not all of them are established in the classical sense, therefore, all models can be conditionally divided into two groups: the classic smart watch and the usual hours with advanced features. First get the device with a touch screen, running Android Wear 2.0 We do, and in the second hybrids, combining the classical mechanism of mechanical or quartz watches, and support notifications and track activity.

To say that all the 300 models will be independent development is not necessary. The basis of all wearable touch screen will be put to the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 and AMOLED screen. And the rest of the differences will be mainly pure design and a set of “branded mikroprilozheny” from Fossil. To avoid confusion, here is a list of brands that will offer full smartwatch Fossil:

  • Diesel
  • Emporio Armani
  • Fossil
  • Michael Kors
  • Misfit

Classic watch with the functionality of the smart watch will be produced under the brands:

  • DKNY
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Relic
  • Tory Burch
  • Armani Exchange
  • Chaps
  • Diesel
  • Emporio Armani
  • Fossil
  • Kate Spade New york
  • Misfit
  • Michael Kors
  • Skagen

Apple Watch received emulator GameBoy handheld consoles

On GitHub service appeared emulator handheld Game Boy consoles to smart watches Apple Watch. It allows you to run the game Pokemon Yellow.

The basis of the developer took Apple Watch Series 2. On the small screen fit function keys that mimic Game Boy physical buttons. The direction of movement is defined by gestures to the left, right, up or down. The panel below the screen with the game consists of the Start button, Select and key B. Clicking on the button A is through touch the right side of the device.

Apple Watch produced in 2015, the model is available in two sizes – with screens of 38 or 42 mm. The company offers watches with different housings: aluminum, stainless steel, ceramics and gold.

Prefix Game Boy appeared in 1989. The model with a color screen debut in 1998 under the name Game Boy Color.


STARK smart watches does not need charging

Announced Stark smart watch that can currently sponsor on Kickstarter. The device is interesting because it does not need to charge, plus it costs only 40 US dollars, with almost nothing behind much more expensive counterparts.

Watch Stark can work with smartphones on Android and iOS-based means of Bluetooth 4.0, and they are built pedometer, sleep quality controller, calorie counter, and all that is in the modern fitness trackers. At the same time he can work as a remote control and alarm equipment. Stark received a 42-mm case thickness 11 mm with protection against water and can be equipped with standard straps and bracelets 22 millimeters thick, which is very convenient.

Stark All functions do not work on the battery and on the CR2032 batteries, which can be purchased for mere pennies in any store. The energies of this battery will last for four months, and then he just changed to a new one. Apparently, Stark hours waiting for a huge success as all already tired of constantly charge their trackers and other wearable electronics. This can be seen as a result of charges: instead of the requested $ 20,000 has already collected more than $ 100,000, and it is only the beginning, because the campaign will last for almost a month. Date of commencement of sales Stark has not been established.

German brand Montblanc presented his vision Novelty called Summit

Recently the company TAG Heuer unveiled a new generation of smart watches Connected Modular 45 with Android Wear 2.0 We do on-board operating system. gadget cost more than $ 1.5 thousand. Today, the famous German brand Montblanc presented his vision of premium wearable. Novelty called Summit has a more affordable (so to speak) the price – $ 890. For this money, buyers will get a smart watch with 1.39 ” round display, 512 MB RAM, 4 GB of internal memory, a battery of 300 mAh, scanner, heart rate and support for Bluetooth / WiFi. This filling is fit in a stylish steel or titanium case (depending on the version) with a thickness of only 12.5 mm. There were no protection against water and dust to IP68 standard. In general, Montblanc Summit creates the impression that they have worked for at least ten years. Home sales scheduled for May.



Fossil Smart watches among the first started receiving Android Wear 2.0 We do

Google has released the operating system Android Wear 2.0 We do at the beginning of last month, at the same time with the release of smart watches Watch Style and Watch Sport from LG. But only now manufacturers have begun to upgrade their devices. Among the first awaited update owners got smart watch company Fossil. The manufacturer has already begun to distribute new firmware to the Q Founder, Q Marshal and Q Wander. All three belong to the so-called second generation of hours on Android Wear and different from the first models of a more powerful “filling”, and by the presence of additional sensors and sensors.

Key Android Wear 2.0 We do innovations worth noting the ability to run applications directly on the clock, access to store applications, the ability to customize the dials with widgets, new ways of text input Wallet with Android Pay and the emergence of a virtual assistant Google Assistant.

Most of the other supported smart clock will start receiving Android Wear 2.0 We do by the end of this month.


GearBest reduces prices on smart watches and fitness trackers

Online Store GearBest carries out the action on the failure of conventional watches in favor of today’s smart new products by reducing prices. Discounts are set for a total of 16 gadgets, among which there is a clock in a classic and sporty design, as well as fitness trackers, which, by the way, you will definitely come in handy, because the beach season is at hand, and it’s time to prepare for it.

Among the 16 are four devices – this trackers and V66 OUKITEL A16, as well as smart watches GW01 in a classic style and sport SW08 clock. The whole quartet works in tandem with smartphones based on the Android OS and iOS, and the distinguishing feature of these gadgets is their price – it is 50% lower than specified by the manufacturer. SW08 and GW01 Clock is available for $ 13 and $ 40, respectively, and the trackers and V66 OUKITEL A16 with integrated display are $ 13 and $ 12. The quantity of goods is limited.

For fitness trackers also include models V07 and Elephone ELE MGCOOL Band 2 , as well as ID107, valued at $ 18, $ 17 and $ 14, and all of them, as well as other participants in the sale, delivered by Russia is absolutely free. This applies to a tracker Zeblaze ZeBand BLE with original refined design and ID115 new items for $ 14 in a stylish design with a strap of hypoallergenic material.

In the category of sports watch has a smart model NO.1 F2 and AIWATCH XWATCH for $ 17 and $ 12, both with monochrome LCD screen, as well as the NO.1 G6 is priced at $ 26 and NO.1 S9 for $ 33, endowed with color screens round shape. They, by the way, also have built-in fitness trackers and heart rate sensors.

If you are more interested in the classics, then you need a watch M7 and SMA-09 cost $ 30 and $ 38, respectively. Like all other promotional gadgets , they can work in tandem with smartphones based on Apple iOS and Google Android, and their functions can even include remote control of the camera and player, built-in mobile phone.