At the MWC 2017 arrives updated version of the Huawei Watch 2 on Android Wear 2.0

Huawei has confirmed that at the MWC 2017 will announce P10. However, the flagship smartphone will not be the only novelty Forum in Barcelona. CEO of the company in social networks hastened to announce that at the MWC 2017 arrives updated version of the Huawei Watch. “Made for a free spirit» (Made for free spirits), – says the advertising slogan. Obviously, this is a hint for the presence of GPS and LTE modules in the new watch, already had time to enter into a trend. It is safe to say that Huawei Watch 2 will run on Android Wear 2.0 We do and will have its main “chip”, including support for Google Assistant. Tentative specifications: Chipset Snapdragon Wear 2100 768 GB of RAM, 4 GB ROM, waterproof according to IP68 standards and a set of advanced wireless connectivity.



The world-famous watch manufacturer S-Watch will launch its own OS

The Swatch Company, the world-famous watch manufacturer, has recently discovered the wearable electronics market and found that it is already divided, and it can not share. Such an alignment of her, of course, did not accept, and she began to work on its own platform for this kind of device, calling it Swiss OS.


Firmware Swiss OS, as desired by Swatch leadership will move a little monsters like Android Wear and Tizen OS, due to a number of competitive advantages. The authors have assured journalists in the “highest Swiss quality” of the software product, stressing that emphasize not only and not so much on the stability, but on a reliable system to protect user data. And as meynstrinomu the consumer does not care about privacy, we can assume that Swatch watches on the basis of Swiss OS will focus on the business segment.

Also Swiss OS will differ a minimum level of energy consumption of the battery, and it is a stone in the garden of the Google, and support for wireless modules, including Bluetooth LE and Wi-Fi, will allow the gadgets based on it to connect to smartphones, so there is a chance to get a hybrid of fitness tracker and expensive watches. Unfortunately, the release date of the first products based on the Swatch Swiss OS has not yet been established.



Creators of Minecraft now announced smart watches for gamers

It would seem that someone will come to mind to play the smart watch? However, a plurality of game adaptation attempts to prove that gamers interest in a wrist accessory is very large, but because the creators of the game Minecraft Gameband bracelet, FMTwo company unveiled on Kickstarter project full game of “smart” watches Gameband. Watches can be used directly for the game in one of the many pre-installed mini-games as well as connect to a computer to run the full title – for the start of sales announced Minecraft and Terraria.


Gameband equipped with a large 1.63-inch AMOLED-display, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 1.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, three-axis accelerometer, gyroscope, light sensor, a battery of 400 mAh, connector USB Type-C, antennas Bluetooth 4.2 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, as well as a slot for memory cards microSD. The clock operates on a customized version of Android Marshmallow. Gameband can sync with smartphones and Android, iOS, connect to a computer on Windows and MacOS. The clock should not expect moisture-proof enclosure, GPS, SIM slot and heart rate – at the request of the founders, all of this complicates the design and makes it more expensive and unreliable.

You can watch until 17 March pre-order on Kickstarter for a special price of $ 99. In September, when the clock will go on sale, their cost will be $ 199.

LG announced watches Watch Style and the Sport

Smart watches LG Watch Style and the Sport, the last two weeks of constant light in the news, officially presented at a special event. Confirmed all the rumors about their appearance and characteristics, and both models have received protection from water and dust, together with support for virtual assistant Google Assistant.


Watch LG Watch Style and Sport are working on the basis of Android Wear OS 2.0 We do and are equipped with 4 GB of internal memory, Bluetooth and WI-FI, and a 18-mm leather and silicone straps that can be easily changed. There krutilki to view the tape, menu and activate voice assistant, and the price of $ 250 and $ 350 respectively.


Watch LG Watch Style available in silver, titanium and pink-gold color. They have a OLED – screen of 1.2 inches with a resolution 360 x 360 pixels, 512 MB RAM and a 240 mAh battery is on. At LG Watch Sport is much more serious – 768 MB RAM, screen of 1.4 inches with a resolution 480 x 480 points, GPS and NFC modules, LTE – 3G modem and a battery capacity of 430 mAh. They also have a heart rate sensor and the ability to work as a smartphone. Note that Russia is included in the list of countries where the new watch from Google will appear in the first place.

Apple generated the 3/4 share of profit in the global smart watch market

The research firm Canalys released a report which revealed Apple Watch global market share. In the fourth quarter of last year from 9 million “smart” watches shipped to all companies, Apple has sold 6 million devices. Compared with the same period of 2015, the number of sold “apple” hours has increased by 12%, while Apple profit of $ 2.6 billion. Thus, Apple Watch have generated nearly 80% of the profits in the global smart watch market.


According to Canalys, 11.9 million Apple Watch has shipped for the entire 2016, including the cheapest of the first generation model. Thus, the “apple” Wrist Soup became the most popular watch in 2016, occupying half of the market. Second place belongs to the Fitbit and its recently acquired Pebble with a total share of 17%, and in third place is the Samsung with 15% of the global market hours. It is possible that in 2017 the company will increase its presence at the expense of new models Gear S3 Classic and Frontier.



Analysts compare the situation with the release of Apple iPad, when kupertinovskaya company has long held a leading position in the market. But then the company actually rediscovered tablet market, and in the case of Apple clock entered the highly competitive segment, and still managed to occupy high positions.

“In addition to hardware and software enhancements, the new models, Apple has succeeded due to the streamlined marketing and aligned pricing Lower price first series of Apple Watch and focus on fitness features make Apple Watch more accessible and relevant.” – Jason Lowe said an analyst at Canalys .

This week Google has released the final version of the Android Wear 2.0 We do, and LG will introduce two versions of the smart watch: LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport. Perhaps they will help Android-powered device to take away market share from Apple Watch.

LG Watch Sport Watch Style with Apple’s Digital Crown for the first time in Android Wear

On the new smart watches from LG company, developed in collaboration with Google, it has been known for almost everything, but the flow of leakage does not subside even on the eve of the presentation. Today, the network got new products User Manual, revealing a few more details. For example, the large button on the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style is actually a rotating wheels, like Digital Crown in the Apple Watch, which previously was not in some smart watches running Android Wear. We also learned that the watch will support voice assistant Google Assistant, which you can call a team “Ok, Google” or long hold off button.



Model LG Watch Sport will be equipped with two additional buttons that serve for quick access to Android Pay and fitness application.They also serve to adjust the volume. In addition, Watch Sport back cover is removable, and beneath it is a slot for a SIM-card. Charge the watch will be through a special docking station that connects via USB Type-C. Also shown in the manual updated Android Wear 2.0 We do UI.

Presentation LG Watch Sport and Watch Style, is expected to take place on 8 February. The watch will cost $ 249 for a younger version of Watch Style and $ 349 – for more advanced Watch Sport.


Google to launch its new watch in 2017

Google delayed its big software update for Android Wear watches until 2017, and the company is expected to launch its own watch as well, according to Android Police.

The circular smartwatches will be Google’s opportunity to inject new interest into its wearable computers, a category that’s been dominated by the Apple Watch so far.

Refreshed Samsung Gear VR Compatible with Note 7 Arrived at Amazon “Pre order” $99.99

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 come with a Type-C USB port, because of that Samsung’s latest high-end phablet is not compatible with the original Samsung Gear VR headset. The latter requires a miniUSB port to work. Samsung redesigned the Gear VR to allow it to work with both ports. In addition, the field-of-view was increased on the VR headset to 101 degrees from 96 degrees, and the touch panel was redesigned.

The refreshed Samsung Galaxy VR Gear can now be pre-ordered from Amazon. The headset will be released on August 19th, a week from today. That happens to match the launch date for the Galaxy Note 7. $99.99 will reserve you the product, and that includes free shipping.

Samsung Gear VR 2 CE (SM-R322) virtual reality Glasses Overview


Each user of modern digital gadgets used to the fact that the surrounding devices have different functions, creating around him a kind of information the world, consisting of a variety of different applications and quality content. But technology does not stand still, and the information world gradually transformed into a complete virtual world. Every owner of a smartphone from the world-famous corporation Samsung has the ability to touch either with the incomparable charm of the rapidly developing virtual reality. This was made possible thanks to this accessory as Android-compatible virtual reality goggles the Samsung Gear VR2 the CE (the SM-R322) .

The futuristic “space” design

Virtual Reality Glasses Samsung Gear VR 2 CE (SM-R322)

The described model of glasses virtual reality is designed as a kind of helmet, which has a stylish, futuristic design. points housing is made of durable, safe for the plastic user health. Attaching the accessory holder on the head by means of comfortable, soft straps are fastened to the sides of the head. The straps allow you to adjust the device for any user. This beauty of virtual reality will be able to enjoy as an adult and a small user. The front of the points has a soft lining of foam material through which points are close to the head and firmly fixed on it. At the same time, such a lining prevents discomfort, whereby virtual reality glasses can be used for a long time. The light weight device is only 318 grams, as does the continued use of glasses more comfortable. The front part of the device closes the solid-locking cover for smartphone, decorated with the name of the manufacturer.

Convenient, easy operation and quick setup

Virtual Reality Glasses Samsung Gear VR 2 CE (SM-R322)
Stylish sunglasses virtual reality Samsung Gear VR2 CE (SM-R322 ) are perfect for those users who are just starting their fascinating insight into the world of digital technology and modern gadgets. Developers described device and put a lot of efforts have created the most comfortable goggles management system. In front are two high-quality lenses that provide a wide viewing angle of the image without the need to move your head. The lenses are fully convey the high quality of the image generated by the AMOLED-display, which are equipped with the latest smart phones from Samsung. Sam smartphone is connected to the glasses by means of micro-USB connection that provides reliable, instant transfer of data between devices. On top of the lens to the housing, it is a miniature lens position controller. With the help of the owner of the virtual reality glasses can adjust the lens according to the characteristics of its view that it is important for people suffering from myopia or hyperopia. On the right side on the body points have a tiny touchpad for fast and precise control of various applications or games. Also on the surface of the housing has a volume control.

Amazingly realistic effect of full presence

Virtual Reality Glasses Samsung Gear VR 2 CE (SM-R322)
In addition to the user-friendly control system and ergonomic design, virtual reality glasses Samsung Gear VR2 CE (SM-R322 ) equipped with a set of special devices and sensors responsible for the accuracy and speed of operations management, carried out by the user in a virtual reality. Have sensitive proximity sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope, helps to orient the owner points in the virtual space, which is important in order to achieve the effect of deep immersion in the game world, and during the interactive, virtual tours. Points to instantly react to any, even the slightest movement of its owner, so that the user can experience the incomparable, vivid emotions.

Samsung Gear IconX (SM-R150NZKASEK) Bluetooth Headset “Smart gadget ” Overview


The developers of the world famous Samsung’s pay special attention to the development of modern digital gadgets designed to improve the physical health of the owner. In addition to a family of multi-functional fitness bracelet, the company has created several additional smart accessories, best suited for use during active saturated with training and jogging. A good example of such an additional gadget headset is the Samsung Gear IconX .

Beautiful, ergonomic design

Smart gadget Sport Bluetooth Headset Samsung Gear IconX Black (SM-R150NZKASEK) Подробнее:

New fitness headphones from Samsung externally decorated in a very modern and sporty style. In plastic case rendered miniature controls, presented in the form of buttons, and a touch of elements responsible for volume control and tuning musical playlist. The body is covered with a special coated gadgets, which protects the device from the harmful effects of moisture and sweat. But it is worth remembering that this coverage though sufficient for intensive training, but not enough to prevent full contact with water. Therefore headphones owner should not be taken in their souls.
To headphones attached storage box with a completely smooth body. Also, this case serves as a charging station for the headphones, and is equipped with a pair of indicators that the user will be notified about the end of charging gadgets.Themselves headphones thanks to a well thought-out style, ideally suited for training and are beautiful, an optional accessory, which blends in well with any sportswear. Also worth noting is that the headset is attached to a set of silicone sealants, are responsible for the reliability of fixing gadgets in user’s ear shells.

Good technical capabilities

Smart gadget Sport Bluetooth Headset Samsung Gear IconX Black (SM-R150NZKASEK) Подробнее:
Stylishly headset Samsung Gear IconX will please its owner remarkable technical characteristics, and rather broad functionality. Each headset has two microphones, providing a high level of comfort voice control. Also microphone can transmit ambient sounds, if requested by the owner. Each earphone has a separate battery capacity of 47 mAh.
Case, and part-time charging station, equipped with a battery capacity of 315 mAh, which allows you to charge the headphones three times on a single charge of the case. Also, the headphones come with 4GB of memory and pre-installed music player. This volume and unpretentious player is enough to create a playlist, the best way suitable for intense training.

High compatibility and broad functionality

Smart gadget Sport Bluetooth Headset Samsung Gear IconX Black (SM-R150NZKASEK) Подробнее:
Headset Samsung Gear IconX lightning syncs with smartphones from Samsung using a reliable Bluetooth-connection. It is also worth remembering that for the success of the gadget you want to connect to a device running on OS Android platform.By installing freeware S Health app, headphone holder is able to control their level of heart rate, can be considered passed for the reservation period the number of steps. The user is able to take into account the number of calories burned per day, which is important for the strict observance of sports diets and associated daytime operation. Of particular note is an original voice “coach.” This simple little program that sounded in 15 languages, will help the owner to maintain the desired headphone paced training for best results.