Xiaomi officially unveiled its next flagship smartphone – of Mi6

The Chinese company Xiaomi officially unveiled its next flagship smartphone – of Mi6 , featuring compact size and the presence of the curved body made of glass (there is also an option of ceramics).

Presented novelty is equipped with 5.15-inch Full HD display, the MP 12 double main camera with 2x optical zoom and 4-axis optical image stabilization system, fingerprint scanner built into the control key, and 6 GB of RAM 128 in Memory .

Went on sale three versions of this smartphone:

  • 6 GB of memory and 64GB of internal memory, the glass body – 2499 Yuan (~ 363 $)
  • 6 GB and 128 GB of RAM of internal memory, the glass body – 2899 Yuan (~ 421 $)
  • 6 GB and 128 GB of RAM of internal memory, the body of ceramics – 2,999 yuan (~ 436 $)

Specifications Xiaomi Mi6:

  • Support communications standards: 4G / LTE; 3G; CDMA; GSM; two slots for SIM cards
  • Dimensions: 145.17 x 70.49 x 7.45 mm
  • Weight: 168 g (glass) / 182 g (ceramics)
  • Platform: Android 7.1.1 Nougat, interface MIUI 8.0
  • Processor: 2.45 GHz, an eight, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
  • Display: 5.15-inch, IPS, 1920×1080 pixels
  • Main camera: 2×12 MF 2x optical zoom, the optical image stabilization system, two-color lights, the phase autofocus 4K video support
  • Front camera: 8 MP
  • Memory: 6 GB of RAM, 64/128 GB internal, microSD slot for memory cards
  • Communications: Wi-Fi 802.11a / b / g / n / ac, Wi-Fi Display, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth v5.0, USB Type-C, NFC, GPS / AGPS / GLONASS / BeiDou
  • Battery: 3350 mA / h
  • Other: The fingerprint reader, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, proximity sensors and lighting, Electronic Compass, Hall Sensor

Sony stops Concept-testing firmware on Xperia X

Sony is developing a parallel two kinds of firmware – the standard and experimental Concept with the prefix in the name. Last initially tested among the Xperia Z3 users. The Sony last year dropped support for Xperia Z3 within Concept initiative and made basic Xperia X. According to the latest information, in the near future (to be precise, in the end of May) Xperia X is waiting for the fate of his predecessor. This means that in the future, Sony will not release experimental firmware for this device, and the main handheld device for testing will be the Xperia XZ Premium. It is expected that the smartphone will be available in June. As for users Xperia X, it is worth recalling that after the last OTA under the initiative Concept you will no longer receive any updates, including monthly patches to improve protection system. Sony recommends that users Xperia X, participating in the testing program, return to the standard firmware after the cessation of support for their device.


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Galaxy Note 8 will be the first Samsung smartphone with dual camera

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo) from the company KGI Securities, famous for its connections with the manufacturers supply chain, sharing a portion of predictions concerning the forthcoming successor infamous Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

According to the analyst, Galaxy the Note 8 will be the first Samsung smartphone with dual camera and it will be the most important upgrades in the model. The main camera can provide a 3x optical zoom, combining 12-megapixel wide-angle unit and 13-megapixel module telephoto, all with dual optical image stabilization system. Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the camera in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be much better than the iPhone 7 Plus and compare with future OLED-iPhone.

According to earlier rumors, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is equipped with a markedly larger display than its predecessor – 6.4 inches diagonal. The screen is made by technology Super AMOLED, a resolution is QHD + or 4K. Discount on altered proportions, 4K may mean, for example, 4428 x 2160 pixels. The base should lie Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 835 firm or Exynos 9 series, 6 GB and 256 GB of internal flash memory.

Galaxy Note 8 will receive a design in the style of Galaxy S8 with a very small edges of the top and bottom of the display without the traditional home button below the screen, and with a dedicated button for voice assistant Bixby on the left side, next to the volume controls.


Updated flagship ZTE Axon 7s got Snapdragon 821

ZTE introduced modification Flagship Axon 7 smartphone with improved characteristics and slightly modified design – ZTE Axon 7s. Actually take place until the announcement of the announcement, since in addition to the published image and text of the press release no details about the gadget is not.

What’s New?

For ZTE Axon 7s company has chosen a different design of the front speaker grille, and new items heart became Snapdragon 821 processor instead of the Snapdragon 820 in the original model. Another innovation was the rear dual camera. If it is identical to the module in the newly renovated PHABLET ZTE Axon 7 Max, the main sensor is 13 megapixels. unknown – whether the optical stabilization will remain. smartphone metal case.

Rather, other characteristics inherited from the unit ZTE Axon 7: 5.5 inch QHD-display to 6 GB and 128 GB of internal memory expandable.

Business Smartphone

ZTE Axon 7s is focused on the corporate sector and government agencies and is supplied with the software for information protection against hacking. This means that the device may not appear in the free market. Probably, ZTE full year 2017 flagship will come later and will run on the newer Snapdragon 835 processor.


Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 shown in the picture

Profile resource SlashLeaks couple of live pictures, which, presumably, is shown preparing to release a smartphone Samsung Galaxy J5 version 2017 , has not yet officially submitted.

Hardware basis was the eight-processor Samsung Exynos 7870, 2GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal flash memory. Work is performed under the control of Android 7.0 Nougat operating system.


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LG flagship G6 came to Russia

In our country started distributing a new flagship smartphone LG G6, although in fact it is the residents of Russia will be able to buy it only a few weeks. So far, it is sold only in Moscow, but we must pay tribute to the LG – “to Russia” got her cell phone in just 1.5 months from the date of announcement.

The Russian version of LG G6 worth 52,000 rubles, and if you buy the machine until April 30, you can receive a free smart LG Watch Style Watch powered by Android Wear OS, which is the stock worth 17,000 rubles. This is to ensure that a potential buyer did not wait for Samsung S8 release (April 21 in the world, and on April 28 in Russia), endowed with the best screen and iron at a cost of $ 55000 rubles.

Buying LG G6, you get a candy bar with a highly controversial rear panel design – two cameras at 13 megapixels and a fingerprint scanner resemble smiley surprised, and I want to how to hide it under cover as soon as possible. Looks very cheap and in Chinese, and it was necessary to take an example from the same Apple iPhone 7 Plus is, where more wisely in this regard. Returning to stuffing LG G6, note the presence in his 4 GB RAM and a 32 or 64 GB internal memory, microSD slot outdated CPU Qualcomm 821 sample 2016 year. Also available frontalka 8 Mn, the water protection IP68, Android OS 7 and screen Full Vision 5.7 inches with a resolution 2880 x 1440 pixels.

NOKIA have come up with the frameless screen concept for its new Nokia 9

Among the first smartphones New Nokia was not the flagship model, which was calculated as the fans of the Finnish brand. Phone Designer designer did not wait for the announcement of the more interesting devices and created his concept of the flagship Nokia 9.

On Redner shows the device with an almost frameless display style Samsung Galaxy S8. When a diagonal of 5.5 inches and an aspect ratio of 2: 1 is Nokia 9 would have been not much more than the 4.7-inch iPhone 7. The designer also posted on the front panel of the front speakers, while today they are almost never occur. On the back side there is a main dual camera. The back cover of the texture resembles the skin, but the real Nokia flagship will likely get the metal case, and screen frame are visible.

Another version of Nokia Design 9 is shown in the recently published sketches. The smartphone will get a 5.5-inch QHD display, a powerful Snapdragon chipset 835 and 6GB of RAM. The main camera will support surround sound recording technology of the Nokia OZO the Audio .

When to expect?

Representatives HMD Global have reported that high-end Nokia devices will be presented in the second – the third quarter of 2017. Nokia 9, for example, may be announced in August, but sales of the flagship will begin in the fall. The price can reach 750 euros.


Russia’s “eternal Drive” will be on sale by 2021

Within three or four years, Russian specialists will be able to supply the market with a unique means for storing information data – wheels on the basis of silica glass. Before widespread commercial application of this technology in 2021 is planned to rigorous testing and numerous tests in libraries, archives and museums, which will begin in 2019.

This project is the product of joint activity MUCTR. Mendeleev and the Foundation for Advanced Studies. Ivan Glebov, head of the laboratory glass nanostrukturirovniya, noted that the new technology will allow the disk to store the recorded information under the influence of sudden changes in temperature, radiation and aggressive environment. Flint glass discs withstand fire and water, and will save the recorded data for a hundred thousand years.

Russia’s “eternal Drive” will be on sale by 2021 (2 photos)
Commercial use of this technology, according to experts, will be widely claimed computer companies in order to “cold” data storage (provided extremely rare address to the data having a large volume). Innovation drives help save energy spent on the storage of large amounts of data. In addition, the silicon storage media may be interested in the military, financial institutions, archives and libraries.

Amended: Project consists of three components: a media recording and readout technology. “Disc” is a quartz glass as a CD standard diameter – 12 cm, thickness – 1.2 mm; weight – 300 g recording is performed using the femtosecond laser, Read – developed on the basis of our co-executor SRI “Pole” Dynamic Fitting Analysis birefringence . Obtained at the moment the recording speed – not less than 36 Mbit / s, which is equivalent to the Blu-Ray. The resulting reading speed – up to 50 Mbit / s.

The principle of recording and reading information is similar to the principle of an optical disk (CD / DVD / Blue-Ray ) – using a “recording” of the laser in the disc are storing point information, analogs of pits in the conventional optical disk. By means of the reading device data transmitted to the receiving device, are processed and fed into the computer in the form of audio, video, image, or text data. The disc works on the principle of “write once, read many”, meaning it writable, which is especially important for mission-critical documents.

The disc may be exposed to temperatures of 1000 degrees Centigrade during the day and it can be regarded as information. Moreover, studies have shown that even with thermal shock disc moving from the furnace at a temperature of 900 degrees Celsius in the cold water does not lead to significant errors or defects when reading the information. This property is very important when fighting fires, as a result of domestic fires in enclosed spaces physically destroyed all known data carriers, and data from them are lost completely. This is true for archives of strategic importance, government and military agencies, where security of information is a dominant problem.

Also, disks were tested for durability, compression, falling, sharp temperature gradient, radiation and chemical resistance. Of course, with a force of support can be broken, but, first, this problem is easily solved by a shock-resistant carrying case, and secondly, these discs are not supposed to wear in your pocket – they are designed for stationary use.