Sony Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra will be available in Europe

Smartphones Sony Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra began to appear on sale in Europe. They are available in a number of stores in several countries. Smaller Xperia XA1 costs 280 euros, and the Xperia XA1 Ultra is priced at 380 euros.

For example, in Germany, they are available through the MediaMarkt, Amazon and Otto. However, it promised delivery within a couple of weeks. Smart phones can be found in the Netherlands and Hungary, Italy and France.

Recall inexpensive Xperia XA1 and XA1 Ultra high were originally presented at the exhibition MWC 2017 in February. Russia on the smartphone Xperia XA1 taken pre-orders for 22,990 rubles.

Smartphone Xperia XA1 boasts a 23-megapixel main camera like the Xperia Z5. It is equipped with a 5-inch display with a HD resolution (720 x 1280 pixels), 8 megapixel front camera, an eight processor MediaTek Helio P20 MTK6757, 3 GB and 32 GB internal flash memory with expandable microSD format cards up to 256 GB. The battery has a capacity of 2300 mAh.

Smartphone Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra equipped with a 6-inch display with a resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and 2.5D glass with rounded edges 23 megapixel main chamber like XA1 and 16 megapixel front camera with optical stabilization and flash. Hardware basis was the eight-processor MediaTek Helio P20 MTK6757, 4 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal flash memory with microSD expansion. The battery has a capacity of 2700 mAh.


McAfee will release the protected phone hacking

John McAfee (John McAfee), known as the creator of the eponymous anti-virus, said MGT company under his leadership has developed a smart phone, which is impossible to crack. It is reported resource of “Digital Moscow”.Model called John McAfee Privacy Phone owner and offers the highest level of data protection with special switches the system is somewhat similar to that of the modular telephones. Thanks to her, you can disable the device microphone, camera, battery, Wi-Fi antenna, Bluetooth and GPS modules. As a result, in the safest possible configuration of the device is protected against all types of remote means of hacking. In addition, the software is integrated smartphone anonymizer, not to track searches. Sales John McAfee Privacy Phone will appear in the summer of 2018 at a price of $ 1,100. Earlier, the company had already offered MGT burglary device, but for a much more affordable $ 200. However, its security is not positioned as an equally high.


Samsung Galaxy S8 continues to break records in Russia

Demand for the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 continues to break records. In the Russian market the novelty appeared a few days ago, and the number of copies already sold 2.1 times more than the Galaxy S7 at the time. Eighth “galactic” flagship acquired over 30 000 customers.

Recall that the 5.8-inch smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 is available in Russia 55 000, and more on the size of the Galaxy S8 + can be purchased for 60 thousand rubles.

Analysts suggest that by the end of the week the company Samsung will be able to implement in the Russian market for at least 40 000 of its new smartphone Galaxy S8 and S8 +.


LG G6 mini will get a 5.4 “screen FullVision

Many manufacturers offer their flagship smartphones in two sizes. According to the portal TechnoBuffalo, will soon join the ranks of those and LG. According to an internal document of the Korean company obtained the editorship of the site, the company is developing a smaller version of the flagship, which will receive a 5.4″ screen It will keep the older model inherent unusual aspect ratio of 18:9 , which LG calls FullVision Unknown receive top smartphone or characteristics will be somewhat simplified compared to 5.7″ LG G6. Unknown price and smartphone.


It should be noted that LG already has experience in the manufacture of reduced flagships. Last year, Japan got a compact version of the LG V20 – smartphone V20 Pro (isai Beat in au operator nomenclature).


HTC U 11 will come with a pre-installed version of Android 7.1.1

In mid-May, HTC has introduced a new flagship smartphone U 11. The first details about the device appeared in the past year, and now it has been known for about almost everything. The main feature of the smartphone will touch the side faces susceptible to the force pressing and touching. The user can compress the smartphone in hand to perform a certain action, or drag your finger along the edge to quickly activate the different functions and launch your favorite applications. A few days ago HTC U 11 was spotted in Geekbench benchmark data base. Record confirms some rumors about hardware flagship.

HTC U get a top 11 today eight-processor Snapdragon 835. Interestingly, the frequency of the cores available 1.9 GHz. Perhaps it was just a pre-sample, as this chipset is capable of operating at frequencies up to 2.45 GHz. It also became known that the smartphone will come with a pre-installed version of Android 7.1.1 Nougat operating system.


Externally HTC U 11 will be similar to presented in the beginning of the year, and smartphones U Ultra U Play. He will have the same glossy back cover and rounded hull shape.

HTC U 11 presentation will take place on 16 May.


Buy LG G6 for 30 thousand. Rubles in Russia is quite real

Lessons from the failure of the LG G5 did not only global office is the LG, who has made very attractive the G6, but also Russia, which offers our users to cut down on the price of LG G5 se flagship. This year, LG G6 for Russia is in the best configuration – with 64 GB of internal memory and with advanced Hi-Fi-filling. In Europe, where LG is usually advantageous to get it delivered without a DAC, and with only 32 GB of memory – sucks. That is, if they buy the G6, in Russia. With the guarantee, twists and without risk.


The suggested retail price of LG G6 is 51 990 rubles – it’s expensive. But what if your phone much, but give him a sum equivalent to the flagship Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone does not want to? Of course, be smart! First, the end of May each buyer LG G6 (the heap of regional networks) gets free smartwatch LG Watch Style, which are sold separately in 16 990 rubles, and which, if desired, can be sold for about 10 thousand. Rubles. Secondly, where a lot of action going. For example, recently M.Video’s return to the bonus card as much as 10% of the price of any phone (5200 rubles), not including the usual 1,700 rubles bonus for purchasing. A CSN now provides for Smartphone 5000 + 1550 rubles bonuses. Third, there are many shops in the cashback service . Fourth, LG G6 is offered with no down payment installments and over payments (extinguish prematurely and save a few thousand, but can not pay and then give two years of 2 thousand small monthly). Fifth, from the LG store you can free grab bag Quick Cover worth 2990 rubles (you need to specify two IMEI – from your new G6 and old G3, G4 or G5 Reputation: (ask around friends)).

A little math. I took LG G6 in CSN. Of the 52 thousand. Rubles 6550 rubles subtract bonuses ~ 4000 rubles for early repayment installments and subtract the probable price of watches that I intend to gain from the sale after the review. Total G6 with all these manipulations can get me somewhere in the 30-34 thousand. Rubles (depending on how lucky the sale hours). And it will agree, is much nicer to 52 thousand. Rubles. So do not rush scared RRP, to study the proposal and considered it possible to benefit


Some Galaxy S8 started their own to go into an endless reboot loop

Surprisingly, there were problems with the Samsung Galaxy S8 – a growing number of users said that their brand new smart phones have begun spontaneously reboot. Apparently, the phenomenon has a very large scale – outraged owners of Galaxy S8 created several posts with discussions on Reddit, the official forum of Samsung and other sites related to the world of high technology. Some people even say that the phone can not be turned on after the restart, while others claim that it is caused by malfunction of the phone with a microSD memory card.

What was the issue?

Currently, the Samsung official forum created topic discussion of the problem, has scored 20 pages. In it, users complain of strange restart Galaxy S8 and errors in the phone’s memory card. Fault Symptoms are divided into several types – after restarting the application can move from one place to another, as the smartphone can simply turn on. Also, some users noticed during the restart error which relates to the microSD card.

But the basic number of dissatisfied owners of Galaxy S8 say their phone fell into an endless reboot loop, turn on and off every few minutes. This forces the user to do a full reset of your device. However, a full reset only helps for a few hours – then the problem occurs again. One user claims that he completely dropped the memory and the settings of your Galaxy S8 already 15 times, but this does not solve the problem.

What makes the Samsung?

As smartphone users say, the Samsung offers them to send the phone for repair, return it to the store, or get a new Galaxy S8. But it is possible the emergence of the same problems with the new phone. Apparently, the source of the fault is not defined precisely and a viable solution has not yet been found.


Apple banned the use of pear as a logo for Pear Technologies

Apple is known for fairly aggressive protection of its patents, including patents for design. Today it became known that the European Commission on Intellectual Property Rights (European Union Intellectual Property Office) recognized that virtually any fruit, if the silhouette is used as a logo, leading to confusion with the Apple logo, and therefore can not be used . Litigation that led to this quite absurd decision was in 2014 between the company from Cupertino and Pear Technologies, which produces software and services for digital mapping. The claim on the part of Apple has been that the companies are working in the same field of activity and Pear Technologies logo confusingly similar to the logo as a bitten apple. Can you estimate how:

Moreover, the company Pear Technologies your logo has changed:

But the decision proved euro bureaucrats unchanged so that you can fit almost any logo under it, which is the silhouette of any fruit. Since officials do not bother even the presence in their own prison sentences, which exclude similarity of logos. The final verdict accuses Pear Technologies that their logo will cause a well-known brand, because in general it is similar, although graphically it different images in the buyer’s mind. Because if you want, you can accept that lemon is also an association with apples, then the Apple opens wide enough field to search for other logos in violation of their intellectual property rights.


Samsung on TOP in the leadership chart Apple second in the smartphone market

Analyst firm IDC released a report on the state of the smartphone market in the first quarter of 2017. All vendors put 347.4 million smartphones globally, representing an increase of 4.3% compared to the same quarter last year.

The main intrigue unfolded in the fight for first place. In the fourth quarter of 2016 analytical companies, including to IDC, awarded Apple a victory that is not much, but was able to overtake the Samsung, putting 78.3 against 77.5 million smartphones. In the first quarter of 2017, the Samsung came in first place, and confident – it sold 79.2 million smartphones, while only 51.6 million accounted for the share of Apple.

The third, fourth and fifth places are occupied by three Chinese companies – Huawei with 34.2 million, the OPPO with 25.6 million and 18.1 million vivo, And when compared to the first quarter of last year, Samsung and Apple have shown an increase of 0% and. 0.8%, respectively, the Huawei, OPPO vivo and developed intensively – 21.7%, 29.8% and 23.6%.


Published detailed specifications and prices for Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus

At their core resource WinFuture published detailed specifications unannounced state employees and E4 Moto Moto E4 Plus.

What is inside

With dimensions of 144.7 × 72.3 × 8.99 mm and a weight of 151 grams, Moto E4 receives HD-display 5 inches, 4-core processor MediaTek MT6737M, 2 gigabytes of memory and 16GB of internal memory. Summary smartphone camera module equipped with 8 megapixels, and provided with a front sensor 5 Mn. In addition, the device has received two SIM-cards and 4G / LTE, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and GPS-modules. During Moto E4 battery life ensures battery 2800 mAh battery. Work is performed under the control of the operating system Android 7.1.1.

Moto E4 Plus has dimensions of 155 × 72.3 × 9.55 mm and weighs 198 grams. The device is equipped HD-TV by 5.5 inches, 4-core chip MT6737M, 2 or 3 gigabytes of RAM and a 16 GB internal memory. Main camera new items received sensor 13 Mn, and is provided with a front sensor 5 Mn. 4G / LTE, Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and GPS-modules are attached. During the work meets the battery at 5000 mAh capacity. Smartphone also runs Android 7.1.1 OS

Release date and price

The exact release date of new products is still unknown. But it is reported that it will be very soon. But the price is known. Moto E4 will cost 150 euros (163 dollars), and Moto E4 Plus was estimated at 190 euros (206 dollars). Both devices will be available in golden, silver and blue colors.