Chris – digital assistant during car trips

Many car owners use at the wheel of a smartphone as a navigator or an embedded system that supports Apple CarPlay or Google Android Auto. German Autolabs company has developed a universal solution, suitable for any existing car – a digital co-driver Chris. This small device that is attached to the driver on the windshield or dashboard. Chris is also the voice assistant like Siri or Google Assistant.


Chris user constantly listens and at any moment can create a route to your destination, send a message through the instant messenger, call or play music to Google Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify and other services. Also assistant informs you of incoming messages and, if necessary, can voice them. In addition to voice commands from Chris can interact via hand gestures. Simple strokes can switch tracks, or select a contact from the list, and the distancing and approach of the palm is governed by the equation volume.


“Chris offers a unique voice hands-free system, so make and receive calls in your car has never been easier High-quality microphones provide the best sound quality with Chris your address book is now convenient to scroll If the number of your contacts is unlimited -… Just say the name, or scroll wave of the hand “- say the developers.

Chris can be ordered on  Kickstarter for € 179.

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