Customers can now purchase the Motorola Moto G Online at US Cellular website on low price

Customers can now purchase the Motorola Moto G Online at US Cellular website on low price

We reported a few days ago Motorola Moto G may arrive at US Cellular next week, but it looks like the carrier was faster than that and put it on sale much earlier.

Although the initial reports claimed the budget-friendly smartphone may arrive at US Cellular on February 10, Moto G has already went on sale at the carrier’s website.

Customers can now purchase the Motorola Moto G for only $99.99 (€73) off contract. Keep in mind though that the handset is only available online and it will hit shelves in stores on February 10, exactly like we previously reported.

It is also worth mentioning US Cellular is only offering the 8GB model. Obviously, it’s the single-SIM version, as the dual-SIM is only aimed at emerging markets.

Speaking of which, Motorola Moto G had some mildly success in India where the dual-SIM 8GB and 16GB variants have been released earlier this week.

The smartphone is exclusively offered by Indian retailer Flipkart, which already sold out two shipments of the 16GB Moto G and is now taking reservations for a third one that’s expected to arrive in two weeks.

Back on US Cellular’s Moto G, it appears that the carrier is trying to attract customers with a low outright price for the Motorola Moto G and its new no-contract plan that offers unlimited voice, messaging, and 500MB of data for $50 (€37) per month.

Unfortunately, the fact that the Moto G does not have microSD card slot for memory expansion will certainly hurt the 8GB version’s sales, even though owners receive 50GB of free cloud storage via Google Drive.

The fact that it lacks LTE is another downside of the Moto G, but the low price should make up for it. For more details on the smartphone’s features and capabilities, make sure you check out our database for Motorola Moto G full specs.


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