Desbloqueo Sasktel LG G4 H815 NCK?

LG G4 H815 Overview :
The LG G4 certainly isn’t the “radically different” smartphone LG executives promised, but it isn’t last year’s phone either. The new kid in town features significant hardware improvements in the form of a quantum dot LCD IPS QHD display, a 64-bit hexa-core Snapdragon 808 processor, a 16MP rear camera full of innovative technology (three-axis OIS, Color Spectrum Sensor), better battery life, and much more! The smartphone is available in Metallic Gray, Ceramic White, and Genuine Leather finishes.

LG G4 H815 Sim Unlocking :
Unlock Sasktel LG G4 H815 to use any where in the world with any supported service provider like

Optus Australia Brasil, Straight talk, FamilyMobile, Vodafone, Personal, Claro, O2, Digicel, Telcel, Orange, Telenor, Optus, Tele2, MTN Rogers, Fido, Chatr, Bell, Virgin, Sasktel, MTS, PC telecom, Tbaytel, Telus, Koodo

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LG G4 H815 Unlocking instructions:
1: Turn on phone with Not Accepted SIM card.
2: A menu will pop up to Insert the code.
3: Insert the provided code and press OK
4: Device is now unlocked.

How to Factory reset/ Hard Reset LG G4 H815:
How to Reset LG G4 H815 pattern lock:

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

First Method:

  1. The cell phone must be turned off, so hold down the Power key for a short while.
  2. In the next step press and hold the Volume Down + Power button together for a couple of seconds.
  3. When the LG logo appers on the screen, release the Power key, keep pressing the Volume Down and then press once more the Power button.
  4. After that you should see the factory reset menu on your screen.
  5. You should confirm process by choosing appropriate options. Use Volume rockers to navigate and Power button to confirm.
  6. Wait to complete the operation.
  7. Success! The hard reset has just been completed.

Second Method:

  1. If the display is off hold down the Power button to turn it back on.
  2. In the next step go to Settings.
  3. Afterwards select General and then Backup & Reset.
  4. Then tap Factory Data Reset and Reset Phone.
  5. Choose Erase Everything if you are sure you want to clear all your data.
  6. Select OK to confirm the whole operation.
  7. Well done! Your phone is ready to use.

How to Update LG Escape 2 to Latest Firmware:

  1. On the computer, launch LGMobile Support Tool.

  2. Connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable.

  3. You’ll be prompted if an update is available. Click Start Updating.

  4. Read the warning and click Yes.

  5. The update process will now begin.

  6. The software will be downloaded to the computer.

  7. Wait while the software is installed on the phone.
    Note: Do not disconnect the USB cable from the phone during this process.

  8. The update is complete. Click Exit and Disconnect the phone.

How to Root LG G4 H815:

You will lose all your data and it is possible that you may brick your device
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

Chainfire’s SuperSU root tool now supports the LG G4, allowing users to install root, change system partition and use apps that require root permission such as Titanium backup, Exposed and its modules.

The root is currently available for the H815 model of G4, the international European model. This is because its manufacturer is allowing unlocking of bootloader for the aforementioned model only. Other variants will have to wait as LG has promised to add more devices with unlockable bootloaders.

Once the bootloader is unlocked, installing the root is as simple as flashing any other recovery flash-able file. Following is a step-by-step guide to root the new LG phone.

Important points

  • The following root method is for the LG G4 H815 only. Do not apply this on any other device.


  • Ensure that you have created a backup of all the data of your phone, as the root method is likely to wipe out everything.


  • Rooting the device will void the manufacturer’s warranty.


  • The battery of the phone should have at least 80% charge to avoid any sudden shut down due to lack of power, which could damage the device.


  • IBTimes UK will not be held liable for any damage to the device during the process. Proceed at your own risk.

How to root LG G4 H815 with SuperSU:

Step-1: Unlock the bootloader of LG G4. This step is must, as without unlocking the device you will not be able to install custom recovery

Step-2: Install ADB and LG drivers (Windows ll Mac)

Step-3: Install TWRP recovery

Step-4: Download SuperSU root package

File name:

Step-5: Connect the phone to your PC with USB

Step-6: Copy the root package to the phone’s storage and remember the location

Step-7: Reboot the phone into recovery mode. Open a command window in the folder where you have saved the TWRP recovery. Hold the Shift key, right-click on an empty space inside the folder. A drop down menu will show up, select Open Command Window Here
A command (cmd) window will open. Execute the following command in the command window and press Enter

  • adb reboot recovery

Step-8: In recovery, tap on Install then browse to the location where you have saved the SuperSU file, select it and do a swipe on the Swipe to Confirm Flash option

Step-9: On the next screen you should see successful written in blue text. Reboot the phone by selecting Reboot>> System. Wait until the phone boots up

You will now be able to enjoy root apps on your G4.

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