DJI Phantom drone unveiled 4 Advanced with an improved camera

DJI The Company today unveiled the next device in the line of drones Phantom – Phantom Model 4 Advanced. If disposal Phantom 4 1 / 2,3 CMOS-sensor resolution of 12 M, the new copter boasts a large 20 1 megapixel CMOS-sensor. It is these are used in today’s compact cameras the Sony , such as the RX100 Mark IV models.

Also, the camera now uses a mechanical shutter instead of the electron and is able to shoot 4K-video doubled to 60 frames / c frequency.

The DJI noted: “The more powerful the processor now supports H.264 4K-video at 60 frames / c and H.265 at 30 frames / c bit rate of 100 Mbit / c. As a result, the image will have a wider dynamic range, and improved detail, which is useful in post-production. ”

Also Phantom 4 Advanced get 128 GB of internal memory instead of 64 GB in 4 Phantom and increased from 28 to 30 minutes of flight time. Quadrocopter is equipped with five sensors orientation (which allow you to use features of more expensive versions of Phantom 4 Pro), obstacle avoidance system, the GPS and GLONASS receivers. Also, the drone is equipped with ultrasonic rangefinders.

New products will be available in two trim levels: Advanced, and Advanced +. The latter will have a 5.5-inch 1080p display, high brightness – twice more than that of smartphones. Price copter – $ 1349 and $ 1649 respectively. The device will go on sale in late April.


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