EZVIZ introduced in the Russian market a fully functional system of “smart home”

Company EZVIZ introduced to the Russian market a centralized solution “smart house” with the possibility of scaling, as well as a set of peripherals for him.

The main unit of “smart home” system represented by a full-featured wireless EZVIZ A1 control center, the connection to which you are on Wi-Fi network. EZVIZ A1, with the words producer, is easy to configure, does not require any technical expertise or professional assistance, and the whole procedure is reduced to connection and pairing food with Wi-Fi router. EZVIZ A1 supports up to 32 sensors, which are connected via radio and require no wiring. To monitor the location and condition monitoring sensors developers provided a mobile application with an intuitive interface.

Wireless opening / closing sensor EZVIZ T6 allows you to control the position of the door in the room, immediately notifying the user of any activity. Built-in battery sensor provides up to 5 months of continuous work. The possibility of organizing a system of behavior scenarios “sensor – siren” or “sensor – Surveillance Camera – notification”.

EZVIZ T1C sensor detects movement within the room. The horizontal viewing angle of 100º it covers an area of ​​12 x 12 meters, with the algorithm of operation of the device is configured to actuate when moving objects weighing more than 25 kg, so that pets will not cause a false alarm. As the sensor T6, in T1C it provides the ability to customize the interaction with a siren or surveillance camera. Battery life of the motion sensor by one set of batteries is about two years.

To control the state of sanitary units, bathrooms, showers and kitchens in the control system “smart home» EZVIZ provided a water leakage sensor T10. The wireless connection allows the device to place it even in tight spaces, and high energy efficiency (up to 2 years of battery life) does not require frequent battery replacement. In addition to sending notifications for a smart phone, a switching point, water leakage sensor can also activate the surveillance camera or the siren.

Notify me of any unauthorized access to the premises or other situations requiring attention can siren EZVIZ T9. She receives a command to activate over the air and has a high signal volume – 85 dBA.

To control the “smart home» EZVIZ provided universal remote control EZVIZ K2. The device allows you to use the touch of a button to activate the desired scenario of the whole system and operation algorithms of the individual sensors (available from “sleep” mode, the “home”, “away from home” mode and mode). In the event of an emergency in the remote alarm button K2 is provided.

Cost and availability of elements of the “smart house” in the Russian market EZVIZ company promises to announce in the near future.


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