“functional panel” for iPhone 8 instead of a “home” button

The company Apple in the future smartphone iPhone 8 can go not only to the use of OLED panels, but also completely eliminate the use of physical buttons on the front panel. According to one version, the machine will receive a 5.8-inch OLED display which will be divided into two parts. 5.15-inch screen takes the traditional, which will be managed by the user, and it will be located below the special “functional space”. As a result of this approach, the company will be able to create a device with a 5.8-inch panel in the dimensions of a conventional 4.7-inch iPhone with a LCD screen and a physical button. Refusal to last as dictated by the transition to a new level of recognition, when the biometric sensor does not require a classical sensor. Screen Resolution of iPhone while to grow, but will remain non-conventional – 2436 to 1125 pixels. The downside for users will be the higher cost of the device, which may exceed one thousand dollars.




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