Galaxy Note 7 will completely be disable from charging says SAMSUNG

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. will completely disable the ability to charge at the notorious Galaxy Note 7 , which still remained in the hands of users and has not been returned to the manufacturer. This was reported by the Korean edition KoreaHerald.

Disconnecting will be produced using a software update, which will be distributed in March. Recall that in some regions, charging Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is already limited to 60%, while in the US – is turned off completely. Now this fate befall all its remaining units of users.

According to Samsung, it returned 97% sold Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea, accurate statistics on the world was not disclosed. Recall, recall of defective Galaxy Note 7 in the autumn of 2016 turned out to be unprecedented in scale for Samsung. The investigation showed the causes of fire and the suicide bombing of smartphones, the explosions were due to the battery, but rather due to errors in their production and technological problems with the build process.


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