Galaxy S8 finds you in the face – SAMSUNG

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 will be endowed with a mass of devices for personal identification – fingerprinting and even the iris scanner. But this was obviously not enough, because it will build more and face detection to surely distinguish the device owner from an impostor.


Over Samsung Galaxy S8 screen really is too much of any sensor, so that among them there is certainly someone who will just recognition of the person’s face. The only question is, why so serious security if it is just a normal mainstream smartphone, without claim to focus on the corporate segment. Perhaps this is done with the purpose of diversity, because not everyone wants to leave their fingerprints on the Korean servers, and certainly very few people will want to bring a smartphone iris scanner directly to the eye – it would look ridiculous on the part.

That remains the only option with face detection, but from ordinary of PIN-codes no one is going to give up. Official confirmation of the presence in the Samsung Galaxy S8 scanner persons has yet been received, but also the smart phone has not yet been submitted – his announcement is scheduled for March 29, as it goes on sale, only 28 of April. However, the Samsung insiders have reported receipt to test a number of prototypes that can actually recognize people by their faces. We add that the fingerprint reader in the S8 is located on the rear panel next to the main camera.


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