GearBest reduces prices on smart watches and fitness trackers

Online Store GearBest carries out the action on the failure of conventional watches in favor of today’s smart new products by reducing prices. Discounts are set for a total of 16 gadgets, among which there is a clock in a classic and sporty design, as well as fitness trackers, which, by the way, you will definitely come in handy, because the beach season is at hand, and it’s time to prepare for it.

Among the 16 are four devices – this trackers and V66 OUKITEL A16, as well as smart watches GW01 in a classic style and sport SW08 clock. The whole quartet works in tandem with smartphones based on the Android OS and iOS, and the distinguishing feature of these gadgets is their price – it is 50% lower than specified by the manufacturer. SW08 and GW01 Clock is available for $ 13 and $ 40, respectively, and the trackers and V66 OUKITEL A16 with integrated display are $ 13 and $ 12. The quantity of goods is limited.

For fitness trackers also include models V07 and Elephone ELE MGCOOL Band 2 , as well as ID107, valued at $ 18, $ 17 and $ 14, and all of them, as well as other participants in the sale, delivered by Russia is absolutely free. This applies to a tracker Zeblaze ZeBand BLE with original refined design and ID115 new items for $ 14 in a stylish design with a strap of hypoallergenic material.

In the category of sports watch has a smart model NO.1 F2 and AIWATCH XWATCH for $ 17 and $ 12, both with monochrome LCD screen, as well as the NO.1 G6 is priced at $ 26 and NO.1 S9 for $ 33, endowed with color screens round shape. They, by the way, also have built-in fitness trackers and heart rate sensors.

If you are more interested in the classics, then you need a watch M7 and SMA-09 cost $ 30 and $ 38, respectively. Like all other promotional gadgets , they can work in tandem with smartphones based on Apple iOS and Google Android, and their functions can even include remote control of the camera and player, built-in mobile phone.

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