Get Your Old Apps stopped from Automatically Installing on your New Android Device

There are few things better than unpacking a brand new Android device (possibly why people post unboxing videos on YouTube). Then again, few things are worse than discovering ancient, unwanted apps automatically reappearing on your new electronic companion, even if  you uninstalled those apps ages ago.

Backing up your Android device on your Google account is a great to way to transfer your settings, photos, contacts, and apps to a new device. But, it also backs up apps from previous devices, including manufacturer and carrier apps. When I got my Google Nexus 5 on AT&T, ancient Verizon and Samsung apps were rudely installing themselves because they were saved in my Google account. If you like the pure, vanilla Android experience, you might know how frustrating this is.

Before you can remove those unwanted apps from your Google account for good, you have to uninstall them from your phone. If you’ve already done that, skip over to Section II.

Stop Your Old Apps from Automatically Installing on your New Android Device

I. Uninstall the Apps from your Phone.

1. Open your app drawer.


2. Tap and hold an unwanted app till it’s selected
 (In this case, Candy Crush).


3. Drag it  to “Uninstall” on the top left.


II. Remove the Apps from your Google account.

1. Open the Play Store on you phone.


2. Tap Play Store at the top left.


3. Tap My apps.


4. Tap ALL towards the top center.

This will show you every single app you have downloaded or backed up, even those that came from other phones. So, if you had a Samsung phone, and you bought a new HTC phone, even old Samsung apps could appear on your new HTC phone.


5. Tap and hold the apps you want to delete from your Google account.

Apps that are installed on your phone will be grayed out and can’t be selected (which is why you need to follow Section I if you haven’t uninstalled unwanted apps from your phone).


6. Tap the X on the top right.


7. Tap OK to delete the apps from your Google account.


Sleep well knowing those bloating apps won’t reinstall themselves on your new (or any) device anymore. I hope Google introduces a way to manage apps from a web browser in the near future, but this is the only way for now.

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