Gladius – underwater drone camera 4K

Gladius - underwater drone camera 4K
Many aspire to heaven. For example – with the help of UAVs. However, there is another element to the study. Water. The world of rivers, lakes and oceans no less intriguing.

To sink to the bottom – to be a diver is not required. Enough to get a special drone. For example – a model of Gladius. Novelty is a functional and accessible. With control handle any.
A key feature of the device – an excellent camera of 16 MP. The module is able to shoot video in 4K format. The beauty of the past will not be held.

Gladius - underwater drone camera 4K

Video is transmitted to the user’s smartphone – in real time. Another cell is used to control. The phone is inserted into the controller – like a game console. Declared support for iOS and Android.

Communication is limited to a 30-meter rope. If you wish – the cable can be extended several times. The above will allow to conquer the 100-meter depth.
With agility in order. 4 Gladius motor move in any direction. The device does without recharging 3.5 hours – thanks to the built-in battery. Also in the presence of the memory card – for storing records.
Configuration 4K is estimated at US $ 799. Orders are accepted on the site Indiegogo.

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