How to Boost Up the Animations on your iPhone / iPad on iOS 7 (Video)

How to Boost Up the Animations on your iPhone / iPad on iOS 7 (Video)

Some people like the animations in iOS 7, but I guarantee you won’t miss them when you see much faster apps seem to open after using this jailbreak tweak. The tweak in question is aptly named NoSlowAnimations and it’s as easy as just installing it from Cydia to have it speed up all the animations when using the device. For an even larger boost in perceived speed, you can also disable Motion afterwards. Below are the steps for how to speed up the animations on your iPhone / iPad running iOS 7.

I. Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad

To do this procedure you must be jailbroken. If you aren’t, you can head to our Jailbreak How To’s section and pick the jailbreak for your version of iOS (currently at the time of writing this is 7.0.4). Once done with that procedure and you have Cydia installed, head back here to continue.

II. Install NoSlowAnimations

1. Open Cydia.

2. Tap Search in the bottom right corner.

3. Type in NoSlowAnimations.

4. Tap on NoSlowAnimations when it shows up.

5. Tap Install at the top right.

6. Tap Restart.

At this point you should notice your animations are now much faster. No configuration needed. If you would like to speed them up further, you can disable Motion in the settings. See steps below.

III. Disable Motion for Even Faster Animations

1. Go to Settings.

2. Go to Accessibility.

3. Turn On Reduce Motion.

4. Bask in the perceived speed!


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