How to Hard Reset Alcatel OT-918 Android / How To Reset user password of Alcatel OT-918 Android

Alcatel OT-918 Mix Android hard reset

If your One Touch 918 Mix Andorid mobile phone is dead, can’t power on
• Make sure your battery is not completely used up or damaged.
• Remove your battery, remove your SIM card then power it on again.

Alcatel OT-918 Android hard reset using buttons

When you are unable to power on your phone, there is a way to perform a factory data reset by using hardware keys. Hold down Volume up key and press Power key at same time until the screen lights up.

Reset Alcatel One Touch 918D
Turn off your phone. Hold VOLUME UP + power on/off key at same time until the phone switching ON to reset it.


Alcatel OT-918 Android hard reset

ALL User phone data: contacts, photos, messages and files, downloaded applications like Java games will be lost permanently.
Factory data reset
Erase all of your personal data from internal phone storage, including information about your Google Account, any other accounts, your system and application settings, and any downloaded applications. You can also mark the Erase SD card check box to erase all the data on your microSD card, such as music or photos. If you reset the phone in this way, you’re
prompted to re-enter the same kind of information as when you first started Android.


Go to Settings >Privacy > Factory Data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything.
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