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Cellular service providers often sell their phones with a feature know as “locking” enabled. The provider instructs cell phone manufacturers like to lock the phone via software before the phone is delivered to the shops. This lock then prohibits you from inserting a sim card from any other network provider, meaning you are stuck with the service you currently have.

This lock limits both your freedom in choosing another service provider and the potential for you to sell your phone, because you can only sell it to someone on the same network as yourself. Fortunately, these locks can be circumvented, removing the bar and enabling you to use your phone for your purpose.

How does it work?

A sim lock, network lock or subsidy lock is a built in feature implemented into GSM phones by network providers. Providers use these locks to restrict the use of your phone to their own network, regardless of the fact that the phone belongs to you.

This lock restricts you from changing sim cards or chips.

You may want to change your network for a variety of reasons, for example 

  • To use an international sim card when roaming. This can save a great deal of money if you want to call locally or use data services while you are in a different country
  • To change providers. If you aren’t happy with the service you are receiving or simply want a better deal, this lock stops you from changing your service.
  • To sell your phone. If you want to sell your phone, having it unlocked can increase the retails value significantly, a definate positive for you!

Our advice? Unlock your phone today and gain the freedom that you are your phone deserve.

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