iPad Mini and Galaxy S4 are most likely to be break.

A resent research show that iPad Mini and Galaxy S4 are most likely to be break and evaluated them as most fragile devices as compared to other smartphone available in the market.

Following close behind was the Samsung Galaxy S4. In fact, Apple and Samsung products dominated almost all of the list.

A recent study put a bunch of different pieces of tech to the test to see which of them would be the most likely to break. The top of that list? The iPad Mini.

The tests consisted of dropping the devices onto concrete and dipping them into water. The results of the drop and dip tests were then reconciled with other factors: the design of the devices and how likely they were to fall out of your hands and how much each device weighed.

The tests were conducted by SquareTrade Europe. Kevin Gillan, managing director of the firm, had this to say about their research and why it is so important to consumers:

“We are all investing in more and more technology, so when we do we want to make sure that we are going to get our money worth. By putting devices through tests that replicate real life situations, we want to help people make smart choices when it comes to choosing gadgets and ensure they are covered against accidental damage.”

Here is the entire list below, the higher the number, the more likely the device will break:

1. iPad Mini – 7.5
2. Samsung Galaxy S4 – 7
3. iPad Air – 6.5
4. Samsung Galaxy S3 – 6.5
5. iPhone 5C – 6
6. Nexus 7.1 – 6
7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – 5.5
8. iPhone 5S – 5.5
9. Nexus 7.2 – 5
10. Moto X – 4.5

Is durability a factor that guides your purchasing decisions? Or do you slap a case on your device and forget about it? Let us know in the comments.

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