Lenovo showed Moto Z (Play) new generation



The exhibition MWC 2017, Lenovo showed the future modules for Moto Z smartphones and some interesting concepts accessories. No one noticed that during the presentation of the slide with a gamepad device shown in the updated design, which has not yet been officially presented. This fan-remarked-Weibo account, published another picture of the coming model:


As announced in Barcelona Moto G5 Plus is and G5 Reputation: , smartphone renderers got oval physical button on which flaunts a logo. The front camera is equipped with its own flash. Rumors suggest that this is representative of the second generation Moto Z line, but the exact model is not reported. Under the screen at the gadget, too, only one microphone, while Moto Z sample in 2016 two of them.


When the announcement?

Premiere Moto Z line at a special event held in June 2016, and if Lenovo intends to use the new Snapdragon processor 835 in their flagship, they, and this time there will be no earlier than summer. The company does not abandon the concept of modular design and is actively supporting the development of third-party Moto Mods. The competition enthusiasts and start-ups are offering their ideas accessories. Among the most interesting projects – rear panel with LED-backlit and wireless charging, as well as the QWERTY-keyboard , transforming Moto Z in the slider.


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