LG G6 – Unlock code for Koodo,Videotron,Freedom Mobile,Rogers,Fido,Bell,Telus,Virgin arrived at CanadaGSM


LG has officially confirmed the holding of the presentation on the eve of MWC 2017 on 26 February. Usually at this show demonstrativeness flagship smartphones, and this time the exceptions are foreseen – the Korean giant will show the world LG G6. We can also assume that the self-image teaser hints at the size of the Screen Aspect Ratio 18: 9 and, accordingly, somewhat different from the QHD resolution. We are talking about the recently announced manufacturer matrices 2880×1440 pixels.With a high probability we can say that it will get a display LG G6.

As part of the filling until the data is not so much, but is likely to wait for the duo is Snapdragon 835 and 6 GB of RAM, a fairly capacious battery with rapid charging and a full set of modern communications. So try to resist the meat LG flagship Samsung, which will be released later, giving competitors a head start.

The aim of this tutorial is to help you CANADAGSM.CA is an online unlocking platform which offers the best prices on the market, 24/7 great customer support, and has great reviews from its customers.

How do I check my LG G6 phone is locked or Not?

Insert Other Carrier Sim card. if phone shows any message like below list so your LG G6 phone is locked. if it accepts other Carrier Sim Card so your phone is Unlocked.

  • Enter restriction code or SIM card rejected
  • Enter special code
  • Enter Correct SIM
  • Incorrect SIM
  • Invalid Network SIM…Enter Code
  • Invalid SIM”
  • Phone disabled! NETWORK LOCK
  • Invalid Network SIM
  • Enter Network Unlock Pin
  • Enter Sim Network Unlock Pin
  • Enter Network Unlock Code
  • Enter MNC2 Code
  • Enter Unlock Code

How to place the order for your unique unlocking code?

Go to the CANADAGSM.CA web page and fill in the order form with 3 pieces of information:

  1. The IMEI of your phone (dial *#06# on your phone and press the Call button)
  2. Your email address (the unlocking code will be emailed to you)
  3. The country and network where your phone operates (NOT the one you want to use it with)

How you will receive your unlocking code?
Once your order is been submitted, you will receive your unlocking code via email.
The time you have to wait for your unlocking code to arrive in your inbox depends upon the country and network you originally bought your phone from – it might take a few hours or a few days. Don’t worry! When ordering your unlocking code you have the possibility to choose the time-frame that suits you best.

How to insert your unlocking code?
The email containing your unlocking code includes instructions about how to insert your unlock code.
The process is really simple: you have to insert into your smartphone another SIM card from a different network provider. When you turn on your device, the message ‘Sim Network Unlock Pin’ will be displayed along with an empty space where you have to input the unlocking code.

Benefits of using CANADAGSM.CA

  • Track your order in real time using the order status section
  • 24/7 customer support team available will answer all your questions, just ask them.
  • Your phone unlocked OR your money back! Guaranteed. In the unlikely case that the unlock code doesn’t work and all the instructions sent during the process fail to unlock your phone, CANADAGSM.CA guarantees your money back.



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