Microsoft creating a new platform called Andromeda OS

Mobile OS Windows 10 Mobile , and failed to compete neither iOS, nor even Android , is in the background and does not attract interest from potential buyers due to lack of involvement of application developers. Microsoft understands all this, and so today was determined the date of termination of support for this OS, after which a new and, most importantly, universal system will be introduced to the market.

Windows Mobile 10

New rumors point to the fact that in the depths of Microsoft the work on creating a new platform called Andromeda OS is boiling, which should replace the outdated Windows Mobile 10 . This is very interesting, since previous insider leaks speak of a mobile OS with exactly the same name over which the Internet giant Google is working. It should immediately be noted that all currently existing devices based on Windows 10 Mobile will not be able to upgrade to Andromeda for two quite logical and obvious reasons: firstly, it will be a completely new OS incompatible with the “Ten”, and secondly, all Win-smart phones are hopelessly behind in the hardware plan from their competitors on Android for the same price.

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