Mobile games accounted for $16 billion in sales last year

Mobile games accounted for $16 billion in sales last year
Market research by AppAnnie and IHS concluded that games was the biggest-selling category for digital content in 2013. Mobile games accounted for $16 billion in sales, marking a 2.9 times growth from 2012. Although the US is the leading digital market, the true mobile gaming hotspots were South Korea and Japan, where sales grew 5.8 times and 4.4 times, respectively. The top mobile game publishers in 2013 were GungHo Online Entertainment (Japan), Supercell (Finland,) King (United Kingdom), Electronic Arts (U.S.), and Line (Japan).

Worldwide consumer spending on digital entertainment (movies, games, apps, and music) grew 30% to $57 billion in 2013, up from $44 billion in 2012. The three most popular movie-themed apps were Kabam’s The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth, Gameloft’s Despicable Me, and Fremantle Media’s Jurassic Park Builder.

Also, reports of the music industry’s death have been, once again, greatly exaggerated. Digital music apps sales went up 77% from 2012. The most popular music app in 2013 was Shazam, and the best-selling (in terms of consumer spending) was Pandora.

Source : PhoneArena

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