Network code available for Koodo Samsung Galaxy S6 to unlock

KOODO Samsung Galaxy S6
One of the top gadgets Samsung – a powerful smartphone in a thin glass-metal housing. The device is equipped with an 8-core processor, 5.1-inch Quad HD-display and supports wireless charging. To create a compact housing (148 × 70 × 6.8 mm and weighs 138 g) manufacturers used aluminum and tempered glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4. The device is thin, the main eye chamber slightly rises above the back panel.

Super AMOLED 5,1-inch screen (63 × 113 mm) with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 (577 ppi) is surrounded by a thin bezel – just 3 mm. The brightness is adjusted manually and automatically, multi-touch support up to 10 simultaneous touches. The effective operation of the device provides 8-core Exynos 7420 in tandem with the powerful co-processor Mali-T760 and 3 GB of RAM. Smartphone running fast application run instantly. The amount of internal
memory is 32, 64 or 128 GB.

16 megapixel main camera is equipped with autofocus and optical stabilization system. To shoot in dimly lit locations provides LED-flash. It is possible to adjust the white balance, adjust exposure and select the ISO setting (settings can be saved, so as not to expose manually each time). The camera records video in 4K resolution.

Front-facing camera 5 MP video provides a comfortable and clear selfie. The camera quickly (0.7 seconds) is activated by double-clicking the mechanical key. The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a removable battery capacity of 2550 mAh. With moderate use of one charge is enough for a day, in the mode of video playback gadget will work up to 13 hours. Implemented feature quick charging – 100% for 60 minutes. You can also charge the device wirelessly (using WPC- and PMA-compatible devices).

The oval mechanical button under the screen is a fingerprint reader. In contrast to S5, the scanner identifies the mark with a single click – no need to drag your finger on the button. For data security is also responsible corporate decision KNOX (protection against hacker attacks, control of core integrity etc.).

Samsung Galaxy S6 supports multi-function Smart Manager software, which provides users with information on charge status, monitors and switches the most energy-intensive program, according to the strength of the network signal and warn about possible threats.

The aim of this tutorial is to help you CanadaGSM is an online unlocking platform which offers the best prices on the market, 24/7 great customer support, and has great reviews from its customers.

How do I check my KOODO Samsung Galaxy S6 phone is locked or Not?

Insert Other Carrier Sim card. if phone shows any message like below list so your KOODO Samsung Galaxy S6 phone is locked. if it accepts other Carrier Sim Card so your phone is Unlocked.

  • Enter restriction code or SIM card rejected
  • Enter special code
  • Enter Correct SIM
  • Incorrect SIM
  • Invalid Network SIM…Enter Code
  • Invalid SIM”
  • Phone disabled! NETWORK LOCK
  • Invalid Network SIM
  • Enter Network Unlock Pin
  • Enter Sim Network Unlock Pin
  • Enter Network Unlock Code
  • Enter MNC2 Code
  • Enter Unlock Code

How to place the order for your unique unlocking code?

Go to the CanadaGSM web page and fill in the order form with 3 pieces of information:

  1. The IMEI of your phone (dial *#06# on your phone and press the Call button)
  2. Your email address (the unlocking code will be emailed to you)
  3. The country and network where your phone operates (NOT the one you want to use it with)

How you will receive your unlocking code?
Once your order is been submitted, you will receive your unlocking code via email.
The time you have to wait for your unlocking code to arrive in your inbox depends upon the country and network you originally bought your phone from – it might take a few hours or a few days. Don’t worry! When ordering your unlocking code you have the possibility to choose the time-frame that suits you best.

How to insert your unlocking code?
The email containing your unlocking code includes instructions about how to insert your unlock code.
The process is really simple: you have to insert into your smartphone another SIM card from a different network provider. When you turn on your device, the message ‘Sim Network Unlock Pin’ will be displayed along with an empty space where you have to input the unlocking code.

Benefits of using CanadaGSM

  • Track your order in real time using the order status section
  • 24/7 customer support team available will answer all your questions, just ask them.
  • Your phone unlocked OR your money back! Guaranteed. In the unlikely case that the unlock code doesn’t work and all the instructions sent during the process fail to unlock your phone, CanadaGSM guarantees your money back.



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