NEW Apple Watch Digital Crown wheel will move in three directions

Presented in 2015, the smart watch from Apple, as well as the second version of 2016, equipped with a special scroll wheel Digital Crown, with which you can quickly move through lists and manage applications (such mechanism is used , and in flagship smart watches from LG). According to a new Apple patent, the company intends to expand the possibilities of Digital Crown. Now the wheel can rotate and push on it, but Apple Watch future models, it can turn into a kind of joystick that can move in three directions.

The patent describes examples where the user interface can be scrolled or scaled in response to the rotation of the wheel. scrolling or zooming direction and their intensity can depend on the direction and magnitude of the rotation wheel. All this is available now. But in other instances, they say that the scroll speed or scale proportional to the change in the rotation angle wheel. For example, the speed of scrolling or zooming may depend on the angular speed of rotation of the crown. Movable wheel up and down or from side to side gives the user more opportunity to interact with the electronic device interface.

The patent states that this technology can be applied not only to the smart watch, but also in tablets, smartphones, and other devices.


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