Nintendo company willing to pay in thousand dollars for providing information about problems with safety of device software

As the resource Digital Moscow, referring to the official representation of Nintendo on Hackerone platform, the company will pay out cash prizes to those who can find vulnerabilities in the game console Switch. For providing information about potential problems with the safety of the device software by representatives of Japanese companies are willing to pay 100 dollars to 20 thousand dollars. In addition to information about the found a bug, the user is required to submit an algorithm or program that could exploit this vulnerability. Representatives Nintendo will have to correct the identified defect. Under these requirements the user within four months will receive the promised reward.

It is reported that three programmers have already taken advantage of these proposals, after which they were handed a reward, though its size and will not inform. On the company’s page on Hakerone can find details about what kind of vulnerabilities are assumed, as well as other proposals for their search. In particular, engineers Nintendo interested in the problems with the console 3 DS.


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