No fitness gadgets from now on – says Jawbone

The company Jawbone has confirmed all the rumors about his resignation from the wearable electronics market, first appeared in the last year. Initially, of course, they are all officially denied, but in the end they were true – the company warehouses are empty, on new gadgets, no one works, but the fate of the current state is not resolved at the moment.


And yet, the rumors about the Jawbone is partially withdraw from the wearable electronics market all were wrong: the company remains, so only buy its products in the store no longer come because of its shift from the consumer segment to a much narrower area. In particular, the Jawbone will work in the medical field, producing a variety of gadgets for hospitals and clinics, intended for both patients and their physicians.

At the moment, no specifics on future devices not, however, be logical to maintain and slightly improve their current hardware base and simply rewrite the software to the needs of the medical workers. This will allow Jawbone with minimal financial and time costs of switching to a new scope for yourself and start getting a good profit. Jawbone decision on the refusal of the mainstream segment is justified: initially the company simply could not compete, but now the market itself actively reduced, and with it one by one, leaving very big players.

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