QUESTIONS clients worry before unlocking their cell phones, here CANADAGSM answers all

What is cell phone unlocking?
Wireless network carriers typically put a SIM restriction on your cell phone which prevents users from switching networks with their favorite phones. Cell phone unlocking removes the SIM lock attached to your phone and allows you to use your favorite cell phone or smart phone on your favorite networks. Cell phone unlocking also allows users to use international SIM cards when traveling, which reduces roaming charges to zero. Smart travelers use an unlocked cell phone, combined with an international prepaid SIM card, allowing them to virtually eliminate roaming fees.

What’s the difference between a SIM unlock code, Subsidy unlock code and an unlock code?
There is absolutely no difference between a SIM unlock code, Subsidy unlock code and a plain old unlock code. They are unique numeric codes between 8 – 16 digits which are entered into your cell phone to remove the carrier restriction.

Can my cell phone be unlocked?
If your cell phone has a SIM card slot, it can be unlocked. You can find your SIM card slot by removing the battery of your phone and looking for something similar to the image on your left. Also, if it is listed on our website, we have tested and unlocked this device before.

How do I know if my cell phone is already unlocked?
There are a couple ways to know if your cell phone is unlocked. The simplest way is to insert an activated unaccepted SIM card into your phone and to see if it picks up a signal. Some phones have built in methods to see if the phone is unlocked. For example, you can check to see if a BlackBerry is unlocked by navigating through some options.

If I buy an unlock code, is it guaranteed to work?
All of our unlock codes are guaranteed to work as long the phone is not hard locked or has already been unlocked. If our unlock code does not work for any other reason, our 100% satisfaction guarantee will cover you. Please read through our terms and conditions on our 100% guarantee and refund policy.

What are the advantages to unlocking my cell phone?
There are too many advantages to discuss in one page. We’ve summarized the three best advantages to unlocking your cell phone. For detailed information, please read our entry in response to a forum member’s question.

1.) You will be able to use your favorite cell phone without restriction on any GSM network carrier of your choice.

2.) You will no longer have to pay roaming fees by using your unlocked phone with an international prepaid SIM card when traveling.

3.) An unlocked cell phone retains a higher monetary value when reselling it than one that is locked to a single network carrier. After all, not everyone uses the same wireless network.


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