Refreshed Samsung Gear VR Compatible with Note 7 Arrived at Amazon “Pre order” $99.99

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 come with a Type-C USB port, because of that Samsung’s latest high-end phablet is not compatible with the original Samsung Gear VR headset. The latter requires a miniUSB port to work. Samsung redesigned the Gear VR to allow it to work with both ports. In addition, the field-of-view was increased on the VR headset to 101 degrees from 96 degrees, and the touch panel was redesigned.

The refreshed Samsung Galaxy VR Gear can now be pre-ordered from Amazon. The headset will be released on August 19th, a week from today. That happens to match the launch date for the Galaxy Note 7. $99.99 will reserve you the product, and that includes free shipping.

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