Samsung can unlock PC on Windows 10


One of the chips fabulously expensive, Windows-tablet Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is able to log in with a fingerprint scanner on the connected smartphone Samsung, and very soon this feature will be available for most computers running Windows 10 on board.

How it works

Function biometric authentication Windows Hello supports not only the built-in computer sensors. You can unlock your PC with a special USB-reader or an infrared camera, but these gadgets is not common and can cost dearly . The Android-smartphone Samsung with a fingerprint reader already has everything you need for secure login. The owner of the device will need to download the firmware application the Samsung the Flow , install the driver on your computer and configure Bluetooth-connection. The PC must run on Windows 10 and support Bluetooth 4.1.

When to expect?

Judging by the comments on Samsung support Google Play, unlock the computer fingerprint will be available for other devices after the upgrade from Windows 10 Creators Update, scheduled for April.



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