Samsung Galaxy S8 – the world’s first smartphone with a Bluetooth 5

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + continue to take turns to avoid all possible sources of leaks. Next stop – Bluetooth SIG, about which we write is quite rare, as there is nothing interesting about the smartphone is not usually there. But the certification of the new Korean flagship exception. The fact that they were the first to have passed through the Bluetooth SIG smartphones that support the Bluetooth standard 5, submitted last year . Recall that in the new standard data transfer speed four times higher than in the Bluetooth 4.2, and more than twice the radius of action. Galaxy S8 / S8 + Index in the screenshots does not coincide with the usual G950 / G955 for us, but that’s okay: Samsung Bluetooth SIG regularly reports false codes of their products. So, Galaxy S7 in this department was the G460, and G930 is not.





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