Samsung Gear 360 Camera “Smart Gadget ” Overview


Employees of Samsung’s world-famous work tirelessly to further improve its already high quality gadgets. But, in addition to improving and updating existing products, the company is creating new types of mobile, digital devices with different properties and functions for various applications. Camera Samsung Gear 360 is a good example of one of these new and interesting, assistive devices, which allows you to expand the scope of reality by an incredibly detailed panoramic photos and video.

Comfortable, futuristic camera

Smart Gadget Camera Samsung Gear 360 Подробнее:
The described panoramic camera from Samsung looks like a ball, thanks to the spherical shape of the body, which is enclosed in a high-tech filling. The case itself is made of lightweight but durable plastic, and provides reliable protection of sensitive equipment from moisture, dust and dirt. Due to the high protective properties of the body camera owner can safely use it not only for home surveillance, but also for shooting video with gorgeous panoramic beauty of nature and adventure activities.
From the housing act two wide-angle cameras, and on top is a miniature control panel, consisting of a few buttons and a small display PMOLED-designed for functional display messages. The scope of the device is placed on a mini-tripod, which is also notable for its thematic design and harmonious looks combined with the camera. Also worth noting is that the tripod mount on the camera versatile, allowing the gadget can be attached to most of today’s tripods for professional video and still cameras.

The powerful camera and high quality toppings

Smart Gadget Camera Samsung Gear 360 Подробнее:
Stylish Camera Samsung Gear 360 will satisfy even the most demanding professional users to set technique. The device is equipped with two wide-angle cameras, each of which covers a 195 degree view. Together, these cameras cover the entire 360 degree view and allow you to create panoramic photos and video, which are becoming more popular due to the rapid development of virtual reality technology.
The cameras are complemented by two powerful, sensitive microphones that can record sound in stereo quality. The device can take photos, can shoot normal, loopback and time-lapse video. The camera records video in excellent quality 4K HD format. Maximum resolution photo shoot reaches 29.5 megapixels. For the correct processing of the footage meets a powerful, modern chipset DRIMe5s. Also, the camera is equipped with 1 GB of RAM, which provides it with a surprisingly smooth, productive work. Removable battery 1350 mAh allows the camera to take long trips.

Wide compatibility and rich interface

Smart Gadget Camera Samsung Gear 360 Подробнее:
Like most modern mobile gadgets, camera Samsung Gear 360 is able to interact with other digital devices. The camera is equipped with a micro-USB connector that allows you to connect it to a host of other gadgets, as well as allows you to quickly charge your device. Also, the camera has a micro SD slot that supports memory cards up to 128GB. These two micro-connectors are located under a flap on the surface of the body, close to the main unit controls.


The presence of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allow the owner of the camera instantly synchronize it with your smartphone or tablet Galaxy series. You also have the possibility to interconnect gadgets using fashion NFC-module. With multiple ways to connect the camera to your phone or tablet to a supported version, the owner of the gadget will be able to immediately view, process, edit and publish any amount of footage.

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