Samsung Gear IconX (SM-R150NZKASEK) Bluetooth Headset “Smart gadget ” Overview


The developers of the world famous Samsung’s pay special attention to the development of modern digital gadgets designed to improve the physical health of the owner. In addition to a family of multi-functional fitness bracelet, the company has created several additional smart accessories, best suited for use during active saturated with training and jogging. A good example of such an additional gadget headset is the Samsung Gear IconX .

Beautiful, ergonomic design

Smart gadget Sport Bluetooth Headset Samsung Gear IconX Black (SM-R150NZKASEK) Подробнее:

New fitness headphones from Samsung externally decorated in a very modern and sporty style. In plastic case rendered miniature controls, presented in the form of buttons, and a touch of elements responsible for volume control and tuning musical playlist. The body is covered with a special coated gadgets, which protects the device from the harmful effects of moisture and sweat. But it is worth remembering that this coverage though sufficient for intensive training, but not enough to prevent full contact with water. Therefore headphones owner should not be taken in their souls.
To headphones attached storage box with a completely smooth body. Also, this case serves as a charging station for the headphones, and is equipped with a pair of indicators that the user will be notified about the end of charging gadgets.Themselves headphones thanks to a well thought-out style, ideally suited for training and are beautiful, an optional accessory, which blends in well with any sportswear. Also worth noting is that the headset is attached to a set of silicone sealants, are responsible for the reliability of fixing gadgets in user’s ear shells.

Good technical capabilities

Smart gadget Sport Bluetooth Headset Samsung Gear IconX Black (SM-R150NZKASEK) Подробнее:
Stylishly headset Samsung Gear IconX will please its owner remarkable technical characteristics, and rather broad functionality. Each headset has two microphones, providing a high level of comfort voice control. Also microphone can transmit ambient sounds, if requested by the owner. Each earphone has a separate battery capacity of 47 mAh.
Case, and part-time charging station, equipped with a battery capacity of 315 mAh, which allows you to charge the headphones three times on a single charge of the case. Also, the headphones come with 4GB of memory and pre-installed music player. This volume and unpretentious player is enough to create a playlist, the best way suitable for intense training.

High compatibility and broad functionality

Smart gadget Sport Bluetooth Headset Samsung Gear IconX Black (SM-R150NZKASEK) Подробнее:
Headset Samsung Gear IconX lightning syncs with smartphones from Samsung using a reliable Bluetooth-connection. It is also worth remembering that for the success of the gadget you want to connect to a device running on OS Android platform.By installing freeware S Health app, headphone holder is able to control their level of heart rate, can be considered passed for the reservation period the number of steps. The user is able to take into account the number of calories burned per day, which is important for the strict observance of sports diets and associated daytime operation. Of particular note is an original voice “coach.” This simple little program that sounded in 15 languages, will help the owner to maintain the desired headphone paced training for best results.

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