Samsung Gear VR 2 CE (SM-R322) virtual reality Glasses Overview


Each user of modern digital gadgets used to the fact that the surrounding devices have different functions, creating around him a kind of information the world, consisting of a variety of different applications and quality content. But technology does not stand still, and the information world gradually transformed into a complete virtual world. Every owner of a smartphone from the world-famous corporation Samsung has the ability to touch either with the incomparable charm of the rapidly developing virtual reality. This was made possible thanks to this accessory as Android-compatible virtual reality goggles the Samsung Gear VR2 the CE (the SM-R322) .

The futuristic “space” design

Virtual Reality Glasses Samsung Gear VR 2 CE (SM-R322)

The described model of glasses virtual reality is designed as a kind of helmet, which has a stylish, futuristic design. points housing is made of durable, safe for the plastic user health. Attaching the accessory holder on the head by means of comfortable, soft straps are fastened to the sides of the head. The straps allow you to adjust the device for any user. This beauty of virtual reality will be able to enjoy as an adult and a small user. The front of the points has a soft lining of foam material through which points are close to the head and firmly fixed on it. At the same time, such a lining prevents discomfort, whereby virtual reality glasses can be used for a long time. The light weight device is only 318 grams, as does the continued use of glasses more comfortable. The front part of the device closes the solid-locking cover for smartphone, decorated with the name of the manufacturer.

Convenient, easy operation and quick setup

Virtual Reality Glasses Samsung Gear VR 2 CE (SM-R322)
Stylish sunglasses virtual reality Samsung Gear VR2 CE (SM-R322 ) are perfect for those users who are just starting their fascinating insight into the world of digital technology and modern gadgets. Developers described device and put a lot of efforts have created the most comfortable goggles management system. In front are two high-quality lenses that provide a wide viewing angle of the image without the need to move your head. The lenses are fully convey the high quality of the image generated by the AMOLED-display, which are equipped with the latest smart phones from Samsung. Sam smartphone is connected to the glasses by means of micro-USB connection that provides reliable, instant transfer of data between devices. On top of the lens to the housing, it is a miniature lens position controller. With the help of the owner of the virtual reality glasses can adjust the lens according to the characteristics of its view that it is important for people suffering from myopia or hyperopia. On the right side on the body points have a tiny touchpad for fast and precise control of various applications or games. Also on the surface of the housing has a volume control.

Amazingly realistic effect of full presence

Virtual Reality Glasses Samsung Gear VR 2 CE (SM-R322)
In addition to the user-friendly control system and ergonomic design, virtual reality glasses Samsung Gear VR2 CE (SM-R322 ) equipped with a set of special devices and sensors responsible for the accuracy and speed of operations management, carried out by the user in a virtual reality. Have sensitive proximity sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope, helps to orient the owner points in the virtual space, which is important in order to achieve the effect of deep immersion in the game world, and during the interactive, virtual tours. Points to instantly react to any, even the slightest movement of its owner, so that the user can experience the incomparable, vivid emotions.

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