Samsung has already started the development of Galaxy S9

Korean portal The Bell said that Samsung has already started the development of its flagship smartphone in 2018, previously known as Galaxy S9. The process of developing screens for devaysa began back in March, and the first samples should be available in the middle of this month. It is expected that the screen will have a similar size and as small frame on all sides. The remaining components devaysa also be developed in the near future, with a lag of one month on the screen. Such rates of development of Galaxy S9 immediately ahead of the usual six months. Seeker leaks Ice Universe said that the company has ten options for the future flagship

What caused such a proactive common terms? At The Bell has the answer: the company has learned from the experience of failure PHABLET Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and now wants to allocate as much time testing has developed the flagship. It is expected that the first samples Galaxy S9 will be available in July and August this year. Around the same time, the market will be Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is being developed under the codename Great (in S9 code name yet). He is expected to receive a 6.32 “screen with a built-in fingerprint scanner.


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