SAMSUNG plans to launch a campaign in which buyer can return the mobile phone to store if not satisfied

Samsung is going to go on a very interesting step after the release of its flagship Galaxy S8. It plans to launch a campaign that will allow the buyer to return the mobile phone to the store if it was not satisfied with, and to receive 100 percent compensation for the value.

It is very loud marketing ploy, and it is not simply this: firstly, the Samsung is necessary to restore its reputation after the fiasco of last year’s Note 7, and secondly, this way it alludes to the exceptional quality of its new flagship. That is, she is so confident in its the S8, which gives the buyer the opportunity to refuse it, knowing that it is likely it will not. Moreover, when you return will not even be considered small abrasions caused during the operation, and do not even need to specify the reason for return.

In other words, if you do not like your own beer belly, made on the selfie camera Samsung Galaxy S8, then you already have a significant (and powerful – literally) a reason to return to your shop in the S8. However, on selfie from iphone stomach does not become smaller, but that’s another story. Samsung Galaxy S8 will be announced and will go on sale April 28 March 29 this year. It is the world’s first smartphone with a Qualcomm processor 835, plus it will come with a new assistant Bixby – thunderstorm Apple Siri.

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