Samsung show the latest developments in the field of VR and AR at MWC 2017

Next Monday starts the main exhibition of the year, where companies from around the world will present their cutting-edge developments in the field of mobile technology. We are talking about the Mobile World Congress 2017 and a giant like Samsung simply can not miss this event. It has already been officially confirmed that this year’s new flagship smartphone will be presented at the MWC, but no announcements we will not stay on the South Korean corporation. It is expected the presentation of the tablet computer the Galaxy the Tab the S3 , and with the Research Laboratory of Samsung C-Lab will present interesting developments in the field of virtual and augmented reality.


“We continue to support new ideas and creativity of employees, especially when it contributes to the development of new offerings for our customers. New projects C-Lab once again confirm that our company employs talented and enterprising people who are not afraid to open before them new horizons. We plan to continue to develop new applications for VR and video in 360 degrees, because we see this for yourself the unlimited possibilities “, – said Lee Jae II, vice president of the center of creativity and innovation Samsung Electronics.

The first project was Relúmĭno. Its essence is to use virtual reality glasses for the user to see the image and the text sharper. The technology also allows you to restore the blind zone, moving in them the image and uses a mesh Amlser chart for correcting the image distorted due metamorphopsia. Relúmĭno help people with visual impairments to watch TV to buy expensive equipment unnecessarily.



traVRer allows to visit different places through virtual reality, or to remember their past trips. The difference from the Street View VR and other similar development is recorded sounds and all that is happening in these places, and do not display static images. Thus, if you really are in another city and see how people walk and what was happening on the streets. traVRer even allows you to view a record of the same place at different times of the day.


VuildUs much like the idea of Project Tango from Google. This development allows using virtual and augmented reality to change the interior of the room. A special camera is mounted in the middle of the room and scans the environment by passing on the image VR-helmet. The user can thus choose the furniture and see how it will look in the room, and then immediately order it using Samsung Pay.


The most interesting project of Samsung C-Lab is Monitorless. In fact, this symbiosis of Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens. A special AR-glasses, the user can see different windows application from your smartphone in front of him while working at the computer. This glass glasses can be both transparent and completely opaque, allowing you to move from AR in VR mode.

Details about all the concepts tell Samsung at MWC 2017.



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