Samsung working on Galaxy C7 next generation smartphone

Samsung is working on the next generation of smartphone Galaxy C7, in which very significant and not all positive changes are expected. The new device will no longer have a processor from Qualcomm, and even the CPU from Samsung itself will not be there – the choice was made in favor of single-chip systems from the Chinese MediaTek.

Samsung Galaxy C7

Recall that the processors from MediaTek are 99% less productive compared to Qualcomm’s analogs, especially in games, but they heat more and consume more power, so it’s not entirely clear why Samsung needed to use them in the next Galaxy C7. According to rumors, this will be last year’s 8-core Helio P20, whereas in the current generation we use the well-proven Qualcomm 625.

Thus, the new generation of the Korean mobile phone will hardly boast of a performance gain – in some applications it does, No one is going to increase, and he will make all the same 4 gigabytes. However, everything can change, and so far it is possible to operate only with data provided by the GeekBench database. The date of the announcement of the new Samsung Galaxy C7 is not reported

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