Scientists have created a self-healing material for the protection of displays

Several years ago, LG released two G Flex smartphones with curved screens. Subsequently, the manufacturer abandoned this series, as well as one interesting technology that was used in smartphones. This is a special material of the back cover, which ” heals ” small scratches . Similar technology was developed by chemists from the University of California at Riverside. They created a self-healing material that can be used to protect smartphone screens.

“A material capable of stretching up to 50 times its original size is made of a flexible polymer and an ionic salt.It has a special type of bond, called ion-dipole interaction, which is a bond between charged ions and polar molecules. When the material collapses or has a scratch, ions and molecules are attracted to each other to heal the material, “the researchers say.

Moreover, this material is able to recover after the rupture. The researchers conducted several tests with the material, including its ability to repair itself after cuts and scratches. After they tore the material in half, he independently “sewed” himself back within 24 hours. Thus, if you use this substance to protect smartphone screens, it will heal not only scratches, but also cracks.

“Self-healing materials may seem far away from the actual application, but I’m sure they will soon appear in mobile phones.” For three years, self-healing products will enter the market and change our daily lives. “This will make our smartphones much more efficient than they are now,” “Said Chao Wang, the head of the team that developed the new material.


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