Smart insole Arion help run faster and spend less energy

On the sports show Virgin Money London Marathon Expo, being held these days in London, among the large number of accessories for athletes caught the attention of smart insole Arion, able to provide the user with more information than a professional coach. The device consists of eight sensors for pressure control and is suitable for almost any type of footwear under. From the side of the insole departs small cable with a special unit at the end of which is attached to the clamp shoe. This block comprises an accelerometer, gyroscope, and GPS.

The outdoor unit has an adjustable bright illumination. This feature can come away not to everyone’s taste, but with it you can run around in the dark, while car drivers will see you.

This insole is to determine which part of the foot have to load at each step during the run. This allows you to make changes in their gait, to increase the speed and reduce power loss. During the demonstration, CEO of Arion Endryu Statham showed the example of a professional runner as he did not use all of your fingers on one side and thus suffer from excessive energy loss. Coach athlete saw this data and found that the problem was in his hip – a torn muscle imbalance caused. Knowledge of these data makes it possible to increase the rate of a few percent, what really matters in a professional manner.

Use this device can also ordinary people who want to keep in shape. When you first start the system will need to pass a test race, the results of which must be recorded in a log all the sensations. Arion platform to compare these data with the imbalance in the user indications and suggest ways to improve results.

The cost of smart pair of insoles Arion together with the computing unit is about $ 270.

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